Sunday, July 23, 2017

90 Days To Go

I guess life has been pretty busy. I've been working, running, traveling a little, spending time with my family, settling in to upstate New York, and just generally enjoying things...and not really writing. Sometimes we need a break to keep everything lined up.

But today is 90 days away from the Marine Corps Marathon! I impulsively signed up for the marathon after losing out on the lottery for the NYC marathon, and am training for that as-yet-elusive goal: under four hours. I haven't even come close yet, have experienced a lot of pain in training and in racing, but THIS YEAR WILL BE THE YEAR!! Even just in this training cycle, I've experienced more of a rollercoaster than I hoped for, but I still feel strong, and so far injury free. Here's the ups and downs:

Ups: I've been running faster more consistently. In May I qualified for the Fort Drum Army Ten Miler team with a 47:40 (ish) 10K, my best time so far, and a fairly consistent pace over the 6 miles. I've since been training with a 8:00 goal pace, doing some sprints and long runs at around a 9:00 pace, so that 9:09 seems attainable. I've been doing more strength work, both in the gym and in the form of ruck marching up to 12 miles with a 35 pound pack, and trying to stretch more.

Downs: I haven't really been gaining speed as I had hoped. With at least one quality speed work out a week, I still feel like 90% of mileage is stuck in a rut. Hopefully I can change this soon. Also, as my long runs are up to 12 miles now, my knee is starting to niggle a little bit, and my calves are getting tight. Action plan: more stability work with my gym sessions, make sure I drink enough water, and take recovery seriously.

My average week looks like this:
Monday: either short run for PT, followed by 20-30 minutes of gym, or just gym (it has rained for a few Mondays)
Tuesday: easyish run, maybe with fartleks, average pace around 8:30 for 6+ miles
Wednesday: either HIIT strength or a run
Thursday: ruck marching, 6-10 miles, or easy run
Friday: usually a recovery day, with office sports PT, and gym
Weekend: depending on weather, try to fit in 6-10 miles, to get into the longer runs in August
Average weekly mileage: 20-25 miles

I've also been fitting in a few random bikes and swims, but no serious training. I kind of want to do a sprint tri in August buuuuttt.....that's flexible.

I'm kind of dreading bumping up the mileage, fitting in longer runs during the week, just because it means less sleep and tighter hips.

Without a really structured plan this time, I've decided to program for end goals instead. I do have a few weekly workouts with the ATM team, and doing fartleks with other people makes them better, so I've been adjusting to that. For August, my goal will be distance, then for September, build more speed while keeping long runs to about 16 miles.

As I've learned in the Army, never get complacent. Just when I start feeling good at my job, major changes come down the line, and I've had to adjust a lot the last few weeks. Again, no promises, but check out my insta (@hannah.g.he) for life updates! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

So it's been a while...

I realize now that it's definitely been a while since I sat down and wrote something here. Life has been CRAZY! Here's a list of what happened over the last few months:

September: We left Baltimore, spent a few weeks in a hotel at Fort Drum, NY, while I inprocessed, then K and L flew out to California, and I joined them at the end of the month to do Superfrog 70.3 and spend a day at Disneyland before I flew back to the East coast.

October-November: K and L stayed in Cali, then with my family inn Ohio, while I spent 6 weeks at Fort Benning, GA, and then headed up to the Army JAG School in Charlottesville, VA, for the JAG Officer Basic Course. At Thanksgiving, we finally reunited, and all moved down to VA to live in a hotel while I finished the course.

December-January: Some time in VA, then the holidays visiting family in California. We got to spend time in Baltimore for the Army-Navy game (beat Navy!), then DC for the Panthers vs. Redskins game, then Palm Springs, then San Diego, then back to VA for the last few weeks of the course.

February: I stayed for the last two weeks of JAOBC, L stayed with my mom in Ohio, K went to Watertown, NY, to sign for our new house, and then we all met up for a long weekend at Disney World before settling in among the snowy upstate area.

In between all that, we celebrated Lilly's first birthday, I passed the Maryland bar, and we earned many, many Marriott points.

Since moving up here to Fort Drum, I've been working a lot, as a real lawyer doing lawyer things, planning an amazing year, and just staying flexible as the Army throws new challenges at me.

Looking ahead at the rest of 2017, I definitely foresee a few big races. For one, I did not make the lottery for the NYC Marathon, so that sad regret fueled me to impulsively register for the Marine Corps Marathon through their active duty military program, sooooo looks like I'll be doing that, hopefully with some friends who are trying for the lottery! I'm also excited to get out and try some local 5Ks and 10Ks, and really get my speed back. I haven't yet decided what I want to do for triathlons, but there is an IronGirl Syracuse I want to try, and a lot of nearby 70.3 events. Because of the weather, I've been spending more time in the gym, so hopefully that pays off once the snow melts!

 I anticipate more travel posts, as I catch up on what I've been doing, and maybe some weird ramblings as I unpack my house and try to streamline my new life. I'm not going to make any promises about writing more, but here's to a great 2017!