Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Day: Giving Back

It's almost Mother's Day! This time last year I was getting ready to drive halfway across the country to spend two months at Fort Campbell, KY, and bought myself some flowers on the way there. This year, I'm definitely looking forward to spending some time with my baby in her running stroller :D

While flowers and a nice brunch are great ways to say thanks to the moms in our lives, I think it's also pretty important to remember moms with the real problems, like the ones who worry about buying clean diapers or the moms who legitimately fear giving birth because there is no healthcare available. Here's a few ideas for charities and gifts that not only give your mom something, but also give back:

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts is committed to providing access to skilled healthcare and a safe place for mothers to give birth in less-privileged countries. I regularly complained about having to drive an hour to get to an appointment; imagine having to walk miles, in labor, to get to the nearest healthcare facility, and then hoping a midwife is there to help with a complicated delivery.

Oiselle has some pretty cool shirts and hoodies and more, with proceeds going to Every Mother Counts.

Solly Baby also has a special edition baby wrap designed by Rachel Pally, with proceeds going to Every Mother Counts. I have a Solly Wrap, and absolutely love it. I tried a few carriers and other wraps, but they didn't fit well or made me and baby very sweaty. The Solly Wrap is amazing, though, and I would never go on a trip without one. It's great for holding Lilly when we're standing in line at Disney, or getting her to sleep on a plane.

The Honest Company

I buy Honest Co. products partly because they are very "clean" and I know won't irritate me or Lilly, but also because they are very big on social responsibility. When we were looking for a crib, we were obviously looking for one that would be safe for babies (chewable and no harmful chemicals) and I was actually surprised how many cribs used paint that chips or pressed wood that splintered. We ended up settling on the Honest Co. crib, designed by Babyletto, not only because it was so safe, but it was also very stylish, AND for every crib purchased, another one was donated to homeless shelters in LA. We got one in white with natural spindles, but they also came in grey, navy, and coral.

I'm also excited that Honest Co. recently donated 1.2 million diapers to charities in major cities around the country, in partnership with the White House's #DiaperGap campaign. (Don't get me started on how much I support this campaign, apparently some people who claim to be conservative just can't give credit where credit is due) You can always donate to local charities like Baby2Baby or through the diaper bank network. A great gift for any mom, though, would be a gift card for delivered diapers.

Carry the Future

CTF donates infant carriers to refugee families escaping from the Middle East. (Again, I think the refugee issue is way too political and sometimes we just need to remember that families are just trying to make a better life for themselves) Donating a used carrier or just money can make a huge difference. If you know a mom who loves her  carrier, making a donation to share that with another mom is a great idea


You know I love charms. Altruette makes lovely little 3D charms, with proceeds benefiting charities. They do have a charm for Every Mother Counts, but I also love the Love Letter charm, benefiting Operation Gratitude, and a baby bootie, benefiting Operation Shower for military moms.

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