Monday, May 30, 2016

May Wrap-Up

I've always thought of May as being a kind of "transitional" month, no major events to look forward to except for maybe some changing weather. This year, though, May has been a crazy whirlwind and I can't believe how much was packed in! Here's just the highlights:

I finished law school! I had two finals this year, plus doing all of the last minute work to publish a law journal, and worked up to the last minute. Finishing that last final, though, felt amazing!

Our 5 year anniversary - has it really been that long? It seems to have flown by. We celebrated with an early dinner at a local french restaurant and dessert at home after the baby went to sleep.

Marathon training - I've been fitting in longish runs when I can, but I think the longest I've run in the past six weeks was 10 to 15 miles. Definitely not prepared, but I feel much stronger than I have in a long while. Maybe after this cycle I can focus on shorter runs and even more speed.

Graduation Weekend - after all of the hard work of the past month, and the past three years, graduation weekend was awesome and exhausting! My mom, sister, and best friend all came in, for awards ceremonies and graduation, plus dinner, and a wedding for a friend.

Starting Bar Prep - and ever since, I've been hitting the books harder than ever to get ready for the bar exam in July. It's like every final I've ever taken, in two days. At least I know I've got the endurance down, so that's one step up on every other test taker who can't run a marathon!

Overall, this month has been exciting, with lots of looking back on what I've been able to do, and looking forward to what's to come.

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