Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Five: Building Fitness

It's time for another Friday Five linkup with CynthiaCourtney and Mar - and this week's topic is, fitness. Here's five things I'm doing right now to build my fitness:

1. Races

I love to race. It's just different from running 13 miles on your own. I love the planning and logistics, picking up a race packet, freezing at the start line, and high fiving random people along the way. Some of my upcoming races include: Rock n Roll DC, for the third time; runDisney Star Wars The Dark Side half marathon, and the Rock n Roll San Diego marathon. I'd like to get in an early spring triathlon, but that's still in the works. 

2. March challenge: pull ups

I used to be really good at pull ups, and prided myself on doing them well into high school. The strength is easily lost, though, and after not making time to keep up with pull ups in college, I lost the art of the pull up. I have officially reinstalled my home pull up bar, though, and am slowly building up the back strength to get back at it. 

3. Pre-hab

This is just as painful as rehab, but without the actual injury. For me, this includes proper warm ups and cool downs, foam rolling, exercises like side steps with bands and jane fondas, and, this morning, I even went to a pilates class. When I was younger (like, 19 and playing field hockey) I didn't have time for this, I could just run and stretch and go. Now, though, every little thing that I do identifies a new weakness, and every run I feel better because I know I'm getting stronger. 

4. Nutrition

Not usually my strong point, but I have been working on incorporating a lot more nutrient-dense foods into my diet. I'm all about multi-tasking, so vegetables with calcium and a high water content? Count me in. 

5. Sleep

For some reason, every evening that I am totally exhausted and just want to go to bed early, Lilly wants to stay up late. And those mornings I have an early workout plan, she wakes up even earlier, making me too exhausted to get out the door by the time my alarm should have gone off. I still try to make sleep and rest a priority, though, because I know that's when some key recovery happens. I never had a problem with naps, and now I love them even more.

What's your favorite ways to build your fitness?

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  1. Kudos for you in completing the Pull Up challenge! I can't do any. I have no children and I still feel like I don't get enough sleep. At least you have an excuse:)