Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five: COFFEE

School is back in full swing, baby Lilly is almost six months old already, I'm heading down to Disney next weekend for the Disney Princess Half, and I've been a little bit busy. Not too busy to join the Friday Five link up to write about....COFFEE.

I may have had an easy pregnancy, proven by the fact that THE WORST PART was not being able to drink coffee all the time. Decaf just doesn't cut it at 7a before a three hour class. Now, I'm still breastfeeding, but being able to have a cup of coffee, or cappuccino, or latte, every morning, makes me so happy. I do prefer espresso, but here's five ways I do coffee:

1. Mom Coffee

This is the most common coffee I get these days. It's usually made at 7 while I'm also heating a bottle or pumping, and actually consumed an hour later when it's cold. Often paired with a smoothie and bottle. It's almost like Lilly can smell the coffee soon as I make it, even if she's been dead asleep, she will instantly wake up and want to play.

2. School Coffee

This is more like Keurig coffee I make it my journal office before dashing to class. It is also my Starbucks splurge - when I'm feeling like something sugary. I like caramel macchiattos, "snow" lattes (grande latte with one pump of vanilla and two pumps of peppermint), and I also loved the Christmas Spice Flat White.

3. Fancy Homemade Coffee

My husband never does anything small. Even though he is rather caffeine sensitive and doesn't really drink coffee, he has gone all-in to make sure I have great coffee at home. We have a subscription to Blue Bottle whole beans, a hand grinder that he is constantly tweaking for the perfect grind, and, for most mornings, an aero press. For Saturdays of research, a full French press.

4. Travel Coffee

This can be the best. Traveling and finding a great coffee spot to just chill, enjoy a latte, and refresh yourself. It's also great to get back to a favorite spot in another city. Some of my favorite places:
- the Starbucks at Downtown Disney at Disneyland. It's gorgeous!
- Bongo Java in Nashville. I spent many hours there this summer doing journal reading.
- Portola in Orange County. My BFF described this place as "they have fancy coffee drinks and like, bartenders." More like, they have fancy coffee equipment and make the best iced coffee in the world.
- La Mill in LA, or, formerly, Baltimore. I spent many, many, many hours at the Four Seasons here trying to figure out what a tort is. Also, they had amazing donuts.
- ANYWHERE in Italy. I am all for small government, but you know Europe takes things seriously when they regulate the price, such as espresso n Italy or baguettes in France. Also, did you know "nespresso" is the best selling coffee in Europe?

5. After Race Coffee

After a race, of any distance, and stuffing yourself with bagels and protein bars and gatorade, coffee always hits the spots. Usually iced coffee, but a steaming cup from Dunkin' Donuts also works after a winter race. There's a small coffee shop a block down from me, and I love stopping there after local races. I'm not sure what the name is now, since it's on it's third name since I've lived here (the months in between name changes are the worst! I have to walk all the way to Starbucks instead of around the corner) but I do love supporting local shops (that are so near me).

If you're looking for something in Baltimore, I'd recommend Dooby's (they also have killer food for dinner), Ceremony Coffee Roasters, or Artifact Coffee.

What's your favorite way to do coffee?


  1. Yes! I love trying new coffee shops. So fun! I've never heard of the snow latte, but I'll have to give it a try. I really liked the holiday spice flat white until I got to the bottom and got a mouthful of spice haha! Have a great weekend!

  2. Not a coffee drinker but I love my tea!