Monday, December 28, 2015

Gift Guide 2015: Mother Runner

Oh heey, guess who forgot to actually post the Christmas gift guide! My ideas of what I want for Christmas this year is dramatically different from what I wanted last year (top of my list: more than 6 hours of sleep). If you have a friend with a new kid and a list of goal races, here's what I recommended for a gift this year:

- Babysitting. Whether it's an hour after a busy day for a yoga class, or offering to get up early to babysit during a race on a weekend, an extra hand is always welcome!

- A matching kit. Matching tops and bottoms are always helpful, because they make you faster, obviously, but after days of just wearing whatever is clean, pulling out a matching tank top and capris can make a new mom feel like a million bucks. And faster. (I prefer SOAS, obviously)

- A fancy planner. Even though flexibility and patience are the ultimate virtues with a baby, once something of a schedule starts to re-emerge, planning ahead is everything. Being able to write in appointments, workouts, races, and to-do lists all in the same place is key to actually getting things done. I like the Passion Planner (make sure you use me as a referral ;) ) or Moleskine Dashboard.

- A good sports bra. In between pregnancy and breastfeeding, running and training, I now own a full range of sports bra sizes, from small cotton pullovers to 38Ds, and have to choose wisely before every workout. A gift card to Title IX to pick out a good sports bra, or a SheFit bra that's adjustable, can keep everything locked and loaded.

- An all-purpose bag. Coming from someone who waffles between carrying a backpack on a three week trip and the same backpack for a two hour sprint triathlon, the right bag to hold the right gear is crucial! Right now, whenever I got anywhere for more than four hours, I usually have my backpack full of my laptop and school binders/case books, a bag for my breastpump and accessories, and, depending on the day, a small gym bag or diaper bag for the baby, plus usually a handbag. It's a lot to throw over my shoulder. While I'm not looking for a bag to replace all of that, I would like a nice purse/diaper bag, like the Blush Fawn Design bag, or a laptop bag/pumping bag, like the Juno Blu bags. While I also love a good gym bag, having a little sweatproof, stinkproof bag like the Lululemon Sweaty or Not bag is great for keeping workout clothes on hand in case you find an extra half hour in your day.

Stocking stuffers for your runner:

- Fancy socks. Either some running specific socks, like Feetures!, or full compression socks,

- Hair bands. There simply are never enough hair accessories on hand. I like Sweaty Bands to keep whispies in place (I can never leave a race expo without a new one) and these fancy elastics.

- Face wipes. They wipe off makeup before a swim, wipe off sweat after a workout, or clean baby spit off your shoes. I like the new ones from The Honest Company, since I can add them to my diaper bundle, or the simple and clean ones from Target.

- Earbuds, to keep your playlist playing in your ears, or to catch 30 minutes of the real housewives while on the treadmill. I've been using Yurbuds.

- Luxurious body products, since everyone has to shower, and sometimes it's the best five minutes of the day. I recently got a little gift pack from Lush, and since I love floral scented body products but usually can't use them, I'm starting to think their Rose Jam body wash is worth the cost.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! We just got back from almost a week in Ohio, and Lilly was an ANGEL and slept for most of the six hour drive both ways. Tomorrow is her first plane ride, from BWI to San Diego with a brief layover, so wish us luck!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Chasing new dreams: Ironman 70.3 Superfrog 2016!

One of my bucket list races is Superfrog, a half ironman race on Coronado Island off San Diego. It was originally designed by the Navy SEALs stationed there as a training race to prepare for the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii. It includes an open water swim in the Pacific, a looped bike with some serious winds, and a run that includes both road and sand. I've been wanting to do this race because of it's history as one of the oldest HIM races, and because it's known to be so challenging. As a cherry on top, it is now one of the few HIM distance races left that is a Kona qualifier (though for active duty military only).

This was at the top of my list for last year, but when I found out I was pregnant, it went to the back burner. This week, though, I committed, and registered for 2016!
Since it's all the way on the other side of the country, and falls right in between my next move and starting Army stuff again, it will definitely present some logistical challenges. In addition, training during bar prep this summer, with a baby, is going to require some serious help from my husband.

Wish me luck!