Sunday, November 22, 2015

SOAS Brand Ambassador Team 2016!

I am so excited to be on the SOAS Brand Ambassador Team for 2016!! Even though I wasn't racing as much this past year, being a part of the SOAS team was so inspiring, and having the opportunity to be on the same team as these amazing women definitely has me pumped up for next year!!

What does it mean to be on the ambassador team? It means I get to represent the best women's performance clothing company when I race and train, be a part of the ambassador community with amazing athletes all around the world, and share what I know with all of my followers on social media! To start the sharing, here's what I love about SOAS:

  • They're a small company, based in San Diego, and design and market just for women athletes. Being in SD gives them ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to test their clothes in perfect training conditions, so you know it works. 
  • Every piece they make is perfectly designed for women athletes. Before I found SOAS, I had trouble finding cute race kits that fit just how I wanted them. I usually stuck with black pieces with some pink, but the shorts were usually too long, the tops too short or too fitted, or the legs were too tight in the thigh. Everything in my SOAS kits fit perfectly: the shorts are a perfect, flatting length, don't squeeze in the thighs; the run tanks are loose but still light and cool, and the run shorts literally feel like wearing nothing. 
  • Can we talk about the designs? The first SOAS kit I ever bought was the old pink and black polka dot kit, and it was SO CUTE. They've moved on to some more sporty, stripey themes in the past year, which I think are a really good balance of being feminine and strong, just like everyone on the SOAS team! I know I don't need a matching kit for every day of the week, but I wish I did! 
As if the regular kits aren't enough, SOAS does special kits every year for everyone racing at the Ironman world championships in Kona. The pieces are usually available just for pickup in Kona, but I managed to get a few pieces from the collection to wear for some serious motivation this year, including the biggie tank, some board shorts, and a sports bra. I was pretty excited that they all matched one of my Kovey bikinis that I like to wear for training (cause matching colors makes you go faster!)

  • Not only are these clothes awesome for training, I love how versatile they are for every day. I have the Barcelona Nights Biggie top, and wear it to class and even work all the time. It's the perfect size to cover up my baby belly, is loose enough to wear while I pump without flashing anyone, and is light enough that I never get too hot. 
  • Finally, I do get a discount to keep me in all the latest SOAS kits, and I get to share a discount with you! If you are looking for some shiny new clothes for the winter or for next year, use my name on the SOAS site!

And, as if the SOAS team wasn't busy enough being awesome, they've upped the ante and launched a men's line too! Check out HANSYM racing

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