Sunday, November 29, 2015

Glass Slipper Challenge 2016: Let the training begin!

Today we are officially 12 weeks out from the Glass Slipper Challenge 2016! I can't believe it's so close already! Time to get started on training!

As I'm thinking about the coming training, I know there will be a few challenges:

  • Most of my training will be in the winter in Baltimore. Running outside will be rough not only because of weather, but also because of limited hours because of my school schedule.
  • I'm pretty much starting from scratch. I finished a 5K on Thanksgiving, and finished in just under 30 minutes. While it felt pretty good, it's nowhere near what I'm hoping for my goal pace for this race, not to mention I haven't run more than 3.1 miles at a time in 5 months.
  • I definitely need to keep working on strength and core! My plan this year will have to include plenty of lifting, core work, sprints, and active recovery, such as foam rolling. 
  • Back to back races includes a slightly different kind of training, which can be a little more exhausting.
  • It will be my first travel race with K and a baby! I can't wait to bring her to WDW for the first time, even if she'll only be 6 months old :D 
The GSC is always a fun race, and not designed for PRs, per se, so I'm really excited it will be my first big race after a baby. I'm definitely planning on having fun, enjoying the full Disney experience, but pushing my pace a little bit and using it as a jump off point for training for the RnR San Diego marathon in June. 

Of course I plan on dressing up! For the 10K, I'm planning an awesome new Tangled costume, and will probably be bringing back Mulan for the half. 

Is anyone else planning on doing the Glass Slipper Challenge next year?

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