Sunday, October 18, 2015

Team SOAS Ambassador Challenge Round up!

This year I've been a brand ambassador for SOAS racing, the most awesome line of women's tri/active clothing on the market. One of the challenges we got this year (other than race and be generally awesome) was a social media challenge with a different them each week. Now, I tried to keep up on my instagram, but with a baby and full time law school, trying to think of a clever picture that says what my favorite training session is wasn't that easy, so I definitely skipped a few weeks! Here's a quick roundup of what I did, though, and a few "fill in the gap" thoughts.

Week 1 – ‪#‎ThisGirlCan‬ ... plan for next year! At this point I was a little over 8 months pregnant, definitely wasn't running, and had that itch to race hard! I started planning out my next season of races, and now that I'm back into base building, I can't wait!

Week 2 – What’s your favourite item of SOAS kit and why – the one piece you can’t live without? Definitely, hands down, these run shorts. A pair of polka dot shorts was the first piece of SOAS gear I bought a few years ago, and I immediately fell in love with them. Here are my Barcelona Nights, Sunset Cliffs, Varsity, and Team shorts:

Week 3 – What’s the most amazing place you have swum, biked or run (or all three). For this, I said DC, because it's so inspiring! I love doing races in DC. San Diego comes in a close second, though. 

Week 4 – What’s in your kit bag? Since this was about the time I was due, I was very tempted to post a picture of my hospital bag :p That definitely had enough SOAS stuff in it...I actually wore my ambassador team shorts and tank to the hospital when I went into labor, and almost freaked out when the nurse asked if she could cut off the tank for my epidural. I didn't though, but here's what my super cool ambassador kit bag looks like! Right now it is stuffed with EVERYTHING, from my helmet to a yoga mat, but I can't wait to pack it properly for my next race! 

Week 5 – What’s your favourite post training meal? Uh, a pint of ice cream and about five bottles of water. Done. 

Week 6 – Share a picture of your ‘sunset cliffs’
Somewhere deep in the archives is a picture of Kevin and me before we got married out at sunset cliffs in San Diego...but I don't feel like dragging out the external HD to find it. See above picture for the sunset cliffs shorts ;)

Week 7 – What coffee are you? Extra shot venti caramel macchiato (or seasonally, peppermint or pumpkin sauce), probably paired with a case book. 

Week 8 – What’s your favourite training session? Anything that makes me feel actually accomplished after. 90% of training is doing something you're already good at, but whenever I finish either an amazing speed session that makes me want to throw up, or a really long run that makes me feel like I can actually finish the next marathon, those are the best!

Week 9 - What are your goals and dreams? 1) to be the best wife/mother/soldier/lawyer/athlete I can be, every day; and 2) one day race at Kona

Week 10 – Who or what inspires you? On the one hand, I am so inspired by the generations of servicemen and women who have served before me, who paved the way for this great country, and I am inspired to live every day so that their sacrifices weren't in vain. Now, though, I'm inspired to be the best role model for my daughter, and never let her think that she can't do something just because she's a girl. 

SO there's my roundup of the Team SOAS challenge! 

Team SOAS is taking applications for the 2016 ambassador team through the end of the month! Check it out here

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