Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Favorites

Holy moley, it's already October! To be honest, October is one of my least favorite months; it gets colder, my birthday is over, and I hate Halloween.
September, though, is the best! The weather is still appropriately summery, pumpkin spice lattes arrive, and my birthday is September 30th! Plus, my little Sweet Potato's birthday is now September 2, so it's a month bracketed by birthdays!

I'm learning to embrace fall, as every basic white girl has, and here are some of my favorite things right now:

  • Fall race season! I am not racing much this fall (I made my first goal the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot), but my husband sure is! I somehow conned him into registering for the Marine Corps Marathon (he's a sucker for anything that sounds exclusive or hard to get), so the past few weeks I've had fun watching him train and gear up. He recently raced the Navy-Air Force Half, completed his 19 mile long run, and is running the Army Ten Miler and a Beer Mile in the same weekend. It's all the fun parts of racing (expos, checking out the swag, planning race day logistics, recovery brunches) without actually having to sweat! And as if that weren't enough, there's always the Ironman World Championships in KONA to look forward to! For anyone who gets to be there in person, SOAS did an awesome Kona collection this year, and you should definitely check it out/order everything! 
  • Reading the news: Every morning, there are three things I read as soon as they drop in my inbox (around 7ish, when SP wakes up and wants to eat): 1) Runner's World Quote of the day; 2) The Skimm; and 3) Washington Post 202. I get some motivation, usually a good laugh, and then some in-depth campaign/news coverage, as well as a weather report. I feel so much smarter than when I just woke up and scrolled through instagram....(though that happens a lot after the news)
  • Pumpkin everything: I don't remember if I ever had a pumpkin spice latte before last fall, but I think I've made a quick study. I did get a good ol' PSL the first day they were available, and I've even fallen for pumpkin spice Oreos, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and even this ADORABLE PSL coffee cozy. Some other fall favorites that I can't resist: Apples (cue the Apple Day tradition from MBC, which I can't wait to celebrate next week) and Chai. 
  • New clothes: Yeah, other than maternity pants and extra large tanks, I haven't been shopping for new clothes in almost a year. While I'm not fully on board with the "Han Solo" look, I'm definitely loving leggings and looking for some new long tops and sweaters! Exclusively pumping while working a full day for clinic/almost full time law school requires some adjustments to my current wardrobe defaults of a tippi sweater and jeans, and I've definitely learned to carry around a jacket and/or a cool scarf to cover any leaking mishaps.  
  • Easing back into an exercise routine: Nothing makes one miss running more than not being able to. Hopefully this month I can start getting back to the gym, adding short runs, and building my strength back up, so I can start training full strength after the Holidays. I definitely need to focus on rebuilding my core strength, and can't wait to get back to kettlebells. I might even start trying to add some yoga! My plan right now is to just take it easy, listen to my body so I don't cause any damage, and come back next year better than ever! I love the fall challenge over at Tone It Up, and, if anyone is looking for a great postpartum plan, my friend Ashley is offering one over on her website, GlowBodyPT
Alright, that's enough positivity about fall for now. What are you looking forward to?

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