Monday, August 3, 2015

5 Things: Pregnancy Fitness Favorites

35 weeks down, and made it through two months of summer! With only a few weeks left, I am starting to succumb more and more to a cycle of "energy burst - gym - eat - lay on couch - sleep ten hours - clean everything - lay on couch - eat" which, as you can imagine, is keeping my husband pretty happy. I have an ever-growing list of things to do before I get back to school, but I'm happy to report a 80% solution on baby stuff (as in, we have everything we need, and most stuff is cleaned out, but there's still a pile of dusty boxes in the nursery that will eventually be going to storage), and hopefully I'll be prepared to balance school and baby!

In the meantime, here's five things that have been absolutely ESSENTIAL to keeping up with fitness during this whole pregnancy:
  • Bao Bei Belly Sport Bra: Since I knew I wanted to stay active during my whole pregnancy, but didn't know how big I would get, early on I ordered this belly sport bra. From about five months on, I wore this for all of my workouts, running, kettlebells, and elliptical, at the gym and outdoors. It provides more of a "hug" feeling, like everyone is held in, without being constrictive in any way. I was worried that it would be a little hot during the summer, but it's really not that bad, since the fabric is very supportive but also very wicking. I also like that it extended the life of my usual run t shirts once my belly started hanging out the bottom. 
  • SOAS shorts and tanks: About 90% of my time is spent in these shorts, whether I'm headed to the gym or not. I also love the razor run tops, since they're super light, wicking, and big enough to cover my growing belly. So far I've been wearing medium shorts and tops, which were just a little loose before I got pregnant, but I'm pretty sure they'll stay in the rotation until I wear them out. Beyond the fit and awesome soft material, the prints just plain make me happy: for a few weeks I was 100% in love with barcelona nights, but then got some new stuff in the sunset cliffs prints. If it wasn't 95* out, I'd probably also be in love with the tights; those will have to wait for fall though! (if you want some, you can use code HANNAHHE to get 10% off!)
  • Swimming: Since running the BWC 5K at the end of June, I've been laying off the running for the most part, and amping up the swimming. While I'm no longer doing full masters workouts like I was through May, 40 minutes of easy laps and water running about every other day is now my standard workout. I've mostly been wearing spandex shorties or Nike bikini bottoms and tri tops (yes, more from SOAS) for swimming, which keeps me covered. 
  • Water: Even more important in the summer, I've been trying to guzzle water like no other! I always have a water bottle with me, and about five bottles in the fridge chilling. Sometimes I throw in some Nuun tabs to keep it interesting, and I still occasionally have a soda, but for the most part, I'm going trying to hit at least 100 oz of water a day. It feels like a lot, but I'm still thirsty!
  • Fitness videos: Since swimming alone is not quite enough to keep me feeling toned, I still hit the weight room two or three times a week. I love having a quick workout ready to go, so I don't waste any time. My favorites are from Tone It Up, and prenatal workouts from my friend Ashley at Glow Body PT (check out her blog too!). 
For the first time in my life, there is a delicate balance between working out and regretting it, and laying on the couch and not feeling at all guilty. Even knowing I have limitations, I still feel like I need to pull back a little more when I work out, and it's making me more and more tired. I'm sure my husband will have his hands full keeping me down for however long I need to after having the baby, since I'll definitely be itching to get back up to speed! Meanwhile, I'll just have to remind myself to listen to my body, think long term, and take care!