Sunday, June 14, 2015

28 Weeks Down!

It's official: two trimesters are over, and I'm only 12 weeks away from being due! EEEK! I still have another three weeks of temporary duty at Fort Campbell, and then it's time to get cracking on baby prep. So far, I've ordered a crib...and picked out about three super I guess I have a lot of work to do. Here's a quick update: 

How far along?  28 Weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: 20 lbs
Maternity clothes: It's summer, so.....kind of. I'm still hiding in "regular" uniforms, though I did upsize to a Small-Regular ACU top and fold down my Small-Short bottoms. In my off time, I pretty much live in SOAS run shorts and tank tops. 
Stretch marks: Nope, and still using Honest belly balm after every shower. 
Sleep: As much as I can get....some nights I'm out by ten, and some nights I stay awake until almost midnight, but I have to be up by six every morning for formation. Over the weekend I woke up a few times to some pretty strong kicks though!
Best moment this week: Spending the weekend on the lake with my friend Ashley! I got a little bit of sun, drank lots of water, and just enjoyed floating in the water!
Miss anything? Uh my bed, my kitchen, my shower, my towels....pretty much everything about being at home. Only three weeks left in this hotel room.... 
Movement: Yes, for sure! As soon as I lay down in bed, she starts doing flips!
Food cravings: Anything cold! My main food group this week was watermelon.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, unless you count the heat! Walking more than half a mile in this 90+ weather is just painful.
Gender:  Girl!
Labour signs: None, thank goodness! Everyone keeps warning about Braxton-Hicks, but the closest I've had is some tingly obliques after I run.
Symptoms: Other than a belly? My wrists/hands have been a little bit painful from some carpal tunnel, but I feel really lucky that I haven't really had any major symptoms at all so far!
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly just's hard to be happy about being in the middle of nowhere by myself in a hotel room. 
Looking forward to: Heading home for a wedding in two weeks! And being home for a good a week after that, so I can get started on this baby stuff for real!
Training: Since I'm here at Fort Campbell for training, I've been making an effort to join in with group PT as much as I can. This week included a day on the track (man, I miss running timed laps!), a gym day (I did kettlebells and the elliptical), and a "long run" of about 3 miles.  For the most part I skip the "hard core" training like ruck marches (I'm already carrying 20 pounds, no need to add an extra 35), very long runs, and ultimate football. I can't wait to get back home so I can get back to the pool, and go to the gym on my time!