Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer in Kentucky: Packing for TWO MONTHS

Now that the craziness of finals week is over (no really, have you heard how Baltimore has been lately?), it's time to relax.....just kidding, I'm leaving tomorrow for eight weeks at Fort Campbell, KY, for my summer on the job training with the Army. No, I am not really looking forward to spending two months away from home while I'm six months pregnant, but I'm trying to stay positive about all I'm going to learn, and take advantage of the opportunity to focus on staying healthy.

Today I packed everything I thought I'll need for two months in a hotel suite. I tried to write this all down so I don't forget anything.

2 x ACUs (I refuse to wear the maternity ACUs, but I hear most CIFs don't have them right now anyway because the Army is starting to field a new camo pattern. Hopefully my small-shorts will stay on with a rubber band for the next two months...)
6 x PT uniforms (shorts and t shirts)
5 x tan t shirts
2 x boots and 5 x boot socks
2 x running shoes and 10 x ugly ankle-length white socks

I'll have access to a laundry room, so I'm just planning on doing laundry every weekend. I'm bringing Tide free & clear pods, since they're easier to pack and I've never worried about spilling half a tub of laundry detergent.

Kitchen stuff:
different sized tupperware so I can pack my own lunches
an immersion blender and cup
protein shakers
Clif bars and Picky bars
Beach trail mix from Trader Joe's
3 water bottles
2 months of prenatal vitamins and DHA
I just ran out of protein powder, so I'll just have to find something clean and chocolately when I get there

Honest sunblock spray
Honest belly balm
Honest shampoo/body wash
Lush conditioner bar
Sea salt body scrub
Neutrogena foaming face wash
Neutrogena liquid sunblock/face lotion
tons of hair ties/bobby pins/clips and all my new fancy SweatyBands

J.crew maternity jeans
J.crew minnie pants in black
5 tank tops/3 t shirts
bao bei bellyband
2 SOAS shorts, 1 pair of black shorts
SOAS tri top and black swim bottoms
Lululemon LBD/Pinkblush maxi dress
rainbows sandals and black Sperry flats

On the one hand, I feel like I'm way overpacking. On the other hand, this is a tiny percentage of what I live with on a day to day basis. Maybe it will help me "downsize" a little bit when I get home (though I doubt K will have the same ideas), but for now, I'm fine with not having too many options for clothing. Right now, I still feel like I haven't quite hit that "cute bump" stage and only my close friends I see every day think I look pregnant. I know wearing a uniform everyday, and gym clothes in my spare time, won't make me feel great, so maybe I'll need to find a new way to make myself feel good about being fat (other than knowing that every day brings me a little bit closer to meeting my little girl); maybe I'll revert back to my deployment habit of ordering colorful new under wear every month.

Other than work, though, I'm definitely looking forward to some adventures! A good friend is having her bachelorette party in Nashville in June, Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out soon, and I might even do something fun for Memorial Day. Can't wait to explore the area!

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