Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tri Talk Tuesday: The Bike Trainer

Today is Tri Talk Tuesday, hosted Cynthia over at You signed up for WHAT?!, Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toenails, and Courtney at The TriGirl Chronicles

This week we're talking about the BIKE TRAINER. Since the bike is a HUGE part of every triathlon, it only makes sense that a HUGE part of tri training is spending time on the bike. For those of us who can't just hop on the bike and go for a 20 mile ride anytime, for reasons such as schedules, weather, and location, an indoor bike trainer is where most of this training happens. 

I only just recently invested in an indoor trainer, this past December actually. This means for the last two seasons that I've been here in Baltimore, a huge majority of my bike training was spin classes and 90 minute sessions on a spin bike at the gym, with only one ride a week outdoors, when the weather was decent. Not ideal, but it got the job done. 

Since I got my new trainer, though, I must say I don't know why I waited so long (other than for obvious reasons like space). It was literally a life saver this past winter when my gym was closed on snow days, and I was cooped up inside for days at a time without the courage to brave the icy streets to even walk to school. Here's my top 5 favorite things about having a trainer permanently stationed in my living room:
1) During my first trimester, when I spent most of my time curled up in that pile of blankets you see on my couch trying not to move, whenever I did get a random burst of energy, I had the option of just hopping on my bike for a quick session. This was awesome, because that random burst usually came at 8pm when it was about 5 degrees outside and the gym simply wasn't an option. 

2) I can wear whatever I want. No worries about matching shirt and shorts, or even a shirt, or even clean shorts. For the most part, I can hop on my bike in a sports bra and cycling shorts and the hit the shower.

3) That fifth season of Bones isn't going to watch itself for the third time. I might as well be getting in a good sweat session while "catching up" on the aftermath of the Gravedigger. 

4) Let's face it, law school kind of sucks and has a lot of ups and downs and deadlines and frustrating days when hearsay just doesn't make sense. When I've had enough of writing a paper or trying to figure out the rules of evidence, a long, fast spin session can be a good release. 

5) Last but not least, I can make my husband jealous when he hears my trainer going and he's just sitting on the couch getting fat (or recovering from his own earlier workout).  

Since I'm not in any sort of training cycle right now, I'm not doing too many targeted workouts. My usual trainer session is about 42 minutes (the length of an hour TV show without commercials) and involves randomly adjusting the resistance. Stay tuned, though, because I anticipate this piece of equipment becoming my best friend again next year as I tackle a baby/the bar/another 70.3! 


  1. Bike trainer SO MUCH BETTER than spin class for honing your cycling skills...good investment. There are so many good trainer workouts...I use TrainerRoad and you can sort by intensity and time for a good selection of workouts.

  2. I am also a past spin class lover turned trainer user! You can look up some trainer workouts and give them a try. There's a lot out there!

  3. LOL - I love that your average trainer session is the length of a TV show without commercials! I'm the same, ha ha. That's why an hour long ride can be such a struggle for me sometimes. It means I'm watching a show and 1/4. Ironically, I do almost ALL my TV watching on the trainer, ha ha.