Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sole of the City 10K 18 April 2015

I'm officially done with classes for my 2L year! Now, just two finals and two papers to go......and what better way to procrastinate on all of that than by typing up a quick race review for the Sole of the City 10K this past weekend!

I found a picture of me running on the race site, so I'm clipping it! I got to wear my full TEAM SOAS kit for an actual race, and I love it!

Yeah, I feel like I look like I just ate a lot of pizza (which I may have the night before), but seeing as how I'm at almost five months and barely have a bump except at night....I'll take it.

The Sole of the City 10K is an event put on my Charm City Run, and goes right through the "best" parts of downtown Baltimore. It starts at McHenry Row, near Fort McHenry, then winds past the Inner Harbor, down to Fells Point, back through Harbor East, and then up the IH and back to McHenry Row. For the most part, it's a pretty flat course, except for a few hills in the neighborhood, and hits a few cobblestone streets.

CCR always does really great events (I'm going to their Ladies' Night tonight, so that should be fun!) and has stores around Maryland, so packet pickup was a breeze. K and I stopped by the McHenry Row store on Friday night, picked up our bib, and were out in five minutes. We both opted not to get the race premium this year, UA hoodies, since I didn't really like the women's style and K already has plenty of hoodies. Last year's premium was a UA quarterzip coldweather jacket, and I absolutely loved that one.

The race is on a Saturday morning, which I think is great! I love kicking off my weekend with a race and then still having the rest of the weekend to get things done. Also, it started at 9, which means we didn't even have to leave our house until 8:30! It was a quick walk down to catch the free Circulator bus that went right to the ace start at McHenry Row. Sometimes I forget how awesome local races area, especially when they're within walking distance!

The weather in April was absolutely perfect for racing, and definitely the nicest morning we've had all year! It started out a little bit chilly, but got into the 70s by the end of the race, and was plenty sunny. I remember to put on sunblock, but by halfway through the race I was definitely feeling the heat. I did bring my fuelbelt sprint, though, and filled it up at both water stops, to make sure I stayed plenty hydrated.

As I said, this course is pretty flat, and also very scenic. Since K had a rough week at the gym, he promised to stay with me for the race, and I kept a pretty good run-walk system of about a half mile of running to a tenth of a mile of walking, and kept our pace a little under a 12:00 minute mile on average. My little sweet potato didn't seem to like it when I stopped to walk, though, so maybe we have a little speedster on our hands.

We finished in just a little over 1:12, right on pace, and then stopped to enjoy the finish line party. They had awesome food, including wraps, pretzels, chips, and we also snagged a bunch of chewy bars! There was also two beer truck stops, and the line wasn't too terrible for either.

Overall, if you're local in Baltimore, this is an awesome race to start off the spring! It's local, easy to get to with public trans, the premium is always really nice, and it's just nice to run on the same roads you usually do, but without worrying about any cars! 

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