Saturday, April 18, 2015

Halfway done! 20 Week Bump Update

I can't believe it, but Baby H and I are halfway through this pregnancy journey! I definitely haven't been doing those weekly "bump updates," but here's what's been going on so far:

The first trimester was a CRAZY time balancing constant fatigue and extra demands of school. In January and February, I somehow managed to sleep about 12 hours a day, keep up with classes, turn in a student note for publication and do edits, and compete in a moot court competition. I definitely wasn't going to the gym as much as I probably could have, but I was so tired and stressed out and trying to avoid the usual winter sicknesses, it was probably a good thing. Whenever I did have time to work out, it was usually a quick spin session on my indoor trainer, or a short, low intensity lifting session. I tried to keep my diet balanced, but was mostly able to keep down soft carbs like pasta or PB&J, and even though I never got any bad nausea or morning sickness, I definitely lost a few pounds.

Since the end of February, though, I've been feeling great! I feel kind of like I'm back in training for a big event, but with none of the hard work! I'm paying attention to my diet to make sure I get the fuel I need; I'm resting, going to bed early, and sleeping in compression socks; all of my workouts have a focus, even though I try not to spike my heart rate too much and get tired a little earlier than I used to. Just like marathon training, but no long runs! Having some energy back has been nice, because school definitely has not slowed down, and now I'm gearing up for finals!

And, since it's that magical halfway point, K and I went and had our anatomy scan ultrasound yesterday, and guess what?! It's a girl! She's growing just fine, and is plenty wiggly.

Even though I'll be spending May and June at Fort Campbell, KY, of course I've started planning some nursery decor. We wanted a "San Diego" theme, and now I can add lots of mermaids!

As far as running and training have been going, I've definitely got a few new favorites!
- I've pretty much been living in my Team SOAS running shorts and tank top, because the waistband is so stretchy and comfy. I've been waiting for the next round of Barcelona Nights shorts for the summer! I also started wearing my tri tops with black compression shorts for my swim workouts, just because I appreciate the extra coverage on my butt.
- I also invested in a new pair of Asics Kayanos and Superfeet insoles. I heard a lot about how all the pregnancy relaxin hormones can cause arches to fall, so I figured now is as good a time as any to invest in some good feet support.
- I've also been wearing my Zoot Compression 2.0 socks, both at night and during the day under my trousers. Now that it's getting warmer, I fully intend to rock my usual summer recovery look of wet hair, race t shirt, running shorts, and compression gear with flip flops.
- I've also just started getting a bump (and have gained all of six pounds), so I also ordered a Bao Bei Belly Sports Bra, which will hopefully be useful all summer while I can still run, and to cover my belly so I can still wear my usual race shirts.

Does anyone have any good tips for surviving the second half while enduring summer in Kentucky and Maryland? 

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