Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday 5 Link up: 5 Races to run in 2015!

I'm jumping in on another blog link up (because I am lazy and don't have any recent good ideas about what to write about), with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar. Today's topic is 5 races to run in 2015! While my list got cut dramatically for this year, I still have a few fun plans in my calendar. 

1) runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon (DisneyWorld, Nov 27): this is the year we get our Coast to Coast! K and I agreed to skip the Princess Half this year, and make this our big November getaway goal.

2) BWC 5K (Baltimore, June 28): I originally registered for this last year because I could see the start line from my apartment. It turns out it's actually kind of a big deal (one of the largest all-women races in the mid-atlantic), and has awesome swag (who gives out roses and medals for a 5K?). Plus, last year they had watermelon at the finish line. This will always be on my list of highly recommended races for everyone.

3) Army Ten Miler (Washington, DC, October 11): This might be cutting it a little close after having a baby, but this is the last year that this will be a "local" race for me. And, as I told K, if veterans with two prosthetic legs can finish, I can probably hobble along for ten miles.

4) Sole of the City 10K (Baltimore, April 18): Always a big event in Bawlmore, I also signed up K for this one, since the party at the end is usually pretty epic. Last year the long sleeve UA quarter zip race premiums were also 100% worth it.

5) TBD! Hopefully something local and over the summer, wherever I end up working this summer.

I wish I could be doing more, but unfortunately, my schedule just isn't working with me this year! I suppose it's just as well that I'll have a good excuse for taking it easy this summer. Some awesome races I'm missing out on:

- RnR San Diego: My husband will be doing the half and the 5K on Saturday, but I'll be in the process of moving to my summer duty location, so I don't get to participate. Boo.
- Nike Women's Half DC: They cancelled this, and then pretended that a 15K in Toronto is a good replacement. Cop out, Nike!
- Iron Girl Half Columbia: I didn't do this last year because I did the NWM, so was hoping it would be a good April race. However, UCF Races moved it to SEPTEMBER, the week after my due date. So, I'm just going to assume this is a no-go for me.
- Ironman 70.3 Superfrog: MY LATEST OBSESSION AND DREAM RACE...because I love punishing myself. Until the day I found out I was pregnant, 2015 was going to be the year I smashed superfrog. I was content with it being a non-IM branded race, and feel like it loses a little of the local/prestige aspect by selling out, but I'll still probably do year.....
- Cherry Blossom Ten Miler: Because my cousin thinks her wedding is more important. And I can't even enjoy the open bar.

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  1. That's a great list, especially with a busy schedule. It's hard when real life gets in the way. :/

    You'll be back at it in no time!