Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big news!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my race schedule for this year was going to have to be flexible. If the last few weeks have proven anything, I'm definitely going to have to be more flexible than I thought. I'm happy to share that K and I are expecting our first baby in early September!

We found out just a few days after Christmas, and are absolutely thrilled! Here's a few frequently asked questions I've gotten since we started telling people:

Are you going to have to take time off from school? I don't really understand this one. Of course not. We're due the first week of September, and I'll be just starting 3L year. I'll only need something like 22 credits to graduate, spread over 2 semesters. Having clinic hours and two or three classes a week, plus any extracurriculars I choose, probably won't be too much to handle, even with a newborn. Plus, K will still be at home. I'll probably have to go back to school within days of giving birth, and I'll probably have to pump starting at the beginning rather than breastfeed exclusively, but I'm totally OK with that. I'm just thrilled that I'll have a whole year before going back to the "real Army" and will have to put the little one in daycare. 

Are you still running? Yes. Mostly. With the obnoxiously cold weather and all the assignment due for school, it has been hard to get to the gym, but my indoor bike trainer has become my new best friend. A lot of evenings I get a weird burst of energy around 6 or 7, and love hopping on for a quick 30-45 minute workout while watching some TV. I've still managed to get to the gym at least twice a week since school started, though (except for this past week), and usually fit in three miles on the treadmill and weights. 

How have you been feeling? Exhausted. Probably a mix of early pregnancy and having fifty million things due for school all at once (like moot court briefs, journal note drafts, the usual hw, etc), mixed with trying to cut out caffeine. I was also sick with a cold this past week (when my big projects were due) and I think last weekend I slept about 13 hours in a row, followed by 6 hours of laying on the couch and not moving. Spending 9+ hours in the library Monday through Thursday after hasn't exactly helped me recover, but I mostly feel back to normal. Hopefully I'll get some energy back in the next few weeks, once I break out of the first trimester. Luckily, though, I haven't had any morning sickness, just occasional nausea, mostly at night. And I still really hate the smell of eggs (ever since I was little, the smell of eggs cooking has made me unbelievably nauseous, and eating them almost always makes me throw up. I even pick egg out of fried rice), and any particularly strong or smoky smells I try to avoid. I've definitely been getting most of my calories from soft carbs, like soup, mac n cheese, and plain spaghetti, but I've been making an effort to add more protein at every meal. 

Are you showing yet? Coming from someone standing in front of me, this is confusing. No. I've actually lost a few pounds since Christmas, and I don't really notice anything but maybe some bloating at night. Let's not rush things. 

Are you excited? Beyond excited! Sometimes I do need to remind myself to slow down and savor the moment, since I do tend to get caught up in what needs to be done instead of acknowledging my emotions. In between the prenatal vitamins and making sure I drink enough water and still get to class on time, I feel so lucky to be able to experience this for myself and have the opportunity to carry a new life. 

Again, I do plan on staying active and racing throughout my pregnancy, though I'm mostly sticking to shorter races. I'm still finalizing plans for this summer, but I do know I have a lot of weekends taken up with weddings! While I was starting to get excited about doing Superfrog this year, that will have to wait until next year! For now, I'm just going to take it one day at a time and enjoy what I can!  

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