Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back: 2014

While I'm definitely very excited for next year, I think now might be a good time to take a breather and look back at everything I accomplished in 2014. While it seems to have gone by so fast, there were definitely a few weeks that dragged by, and I know I've blocked out some memories. Here's some of my biggest accomplishments for 2014:


- Glass Slipper Challenge: This was my first Disney Challenge, and, despite doing it by myself, it was awesome! I wore my Mulan costume, got a ton of pictures, and got really dehydrated.
- RnR USA Marathon: My second full marathon! As expected, law school and snow got in the way of "ideal" training, but I'm now part of the super small "I did a marathon 1L year" club!
- Nike Women's Half DC: Tiffany's. 'Nuf said (oh, and the weekend before finals/my wedding)
- Zooma Annapolis Half: I only ran this for the shirt.
- Baltimore Women's Classic 5K: First short race I've done in a long time! I forgot Baltimore had hills....
- Iron Girl Columbia sprint tri: I always love IG races! UCF did a great job this year.
- Nation's Tri (Olympic minus the swim): Is there anything more inspiring than running around DC?


- Wedding: So, almost four years after we "legally" got married, we finally had a wedding! It was definitely worth the wait, and the stress of planning, and the stress of finding out it was literally in the middle of finals....but still perfect!

- Law School: I finished 1L year, made the Maryland Journal of International Law, and am half way done!
- Home: K finally moved in with me after a little over a year of being separated in Afghanistan/Georgia, and we moved to a new place in Baltimore!
- Travel: According to my TripIt account, I traveled over 30,000 miles this year (by plane, train, and automobile) and over 40 days. We went to San Diego and Ohio several times, a few short trips to NYC and Virginia, and, of course, Mexico!

I am so excited for 2015, and I know there will be a lot of great surprises and opportunities to jump on! Huzzah!

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