Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Wish List!

It's almost Christmas! While I may have been a little too generous with myself over the past year and bought all the "good" stuff I could have asked for for Christmas, I do of course have a few ideas of great gifts for your favorite runner/triathlete/law student. I always try to get gifts for people that are things that they normally wouldn't purchase for themselves, so here's what I would suggest:

1. Portman Pants or the Hero Pants: Aren't these adorable?!?! I can definitely see myself living in these if I had them, wearing them for school and the gym. I can't decide which I like better, the turquoise or blue

2. Lucky Long Sleeve Top: I love the neckline on this top! Again, something I would wear ALL THE TIME, for class and outdoor activities.

3. Bike trainer: Because I'm tired of trying to walk home after a 90 minute bike workout at the gym, and I wouldn't mind working out in just a sports bra.

4. Lululemon anything: I showed the pouches for separating clothes, which are great for throwing your sweaty clothes or wet swimsuit in your gym bag or backpack.

5. Fuel: Who doesn't need more caffeine?

6. A runDisney experience: If you know someone who is doing something like the Disney Princess Half, Disney does offer a ton of extra activities throughout the weekend, like the Race Retreat or Pasta in the Park Party. Maybe it would be nice to check their schedule and see if adding an event like this to their itinerary, or just a dinner reservation and gift card at any Disney restaurant, would be awesome! 

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