Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Runday: Or not

Who doesn't love getting in a long run on Sunday? Let me tell you, I would so much rather be running right now! I just turned in a 23 page draft of a paper, and it took me about four hours after I finished writing to finish formatting all the citations and cleaning it up. See my instagram for a lovely list of #lawschoolsucks pics.

But now that's over, I can focus on some fun, namely, getting ready for the Avengers Half this weekend and costumes for the Rebel Challenge in January!

K is leaving tomorrow to spend all week in San Diego with family, and I'll be joining him out there after class on Friday, just for the weekend. I wish I could spend all week in San Diego....I hear the beach is really good for studying.
Since I'm not running, I splurged on the Silver ChEAR Squad package to watch K run on Sunday morning. It was $45, so hopefully it's worth it! I'll be reporting back on my first runDisney spectator experience!

As far as costumes go, I've always wanted to do a running Leia metal bikini costume! I found this one on Pinterest, and I absolutely love the ears!
Right now, I'm thinking I can get the individual pieces and make them a little more family friendly. Maybe the "metal" bottom over my maroon running skirt, and the top over a sports bra or skin-toned top. Do you think K will be up for carbonite Han?

For a second costume, I'm definitely thinking of making my own Jedi running costume! Without the cape....that might slow me down. I'm thinking something like this:

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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