Monday, October 27, 2014

Rebel Challenge Prep!

So, while I've been loving my little break from racing, today I realized it is a mere 79 days until the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland!! Time to get my training game on!

So many things to think about! Here's me prep plan:

- Make a training plan. Since K and I are doing the Rebel Challenge (10K on Saturday and Half on Sunday), I need to take this into account for my training plan. I also have to account for all of the holidays coming up, including finals week. Here is my training plan as it stands right now:
I have six hours of classes on Tuesday and Thursday, so those days are a little more limited and I'm focusing on strength. I'd also like to train for a sub-9:00 pace for both races, to account for photo stops, so I'll be training to that pace, with a checkup after finals to see if that still seems feasible.

- Travel plans. I still don't know what my spring semester schedule will look like, so I don't want to get plane tickets until I know my Friday and Monday schedules! This even it right after the holidays, so hopefully I can get decently cheap flights.

- Costumes. So many option! Couples costumes? Individual? How will the weather be? Should I do character costumes, or a witty t shirt? More details to come....

In other news, my sports bra search is going great. I have two new Strappy bras from Oiselle, and I love them, but the X back is a different feel.

Also, here's a great article about pregnant marathoners

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