Monday, October 27, 2014

Rebel Challenge Prep!

So, while I've been loving my little break from racing, today I realized it is a mere 79 days until the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland!! Time to get my training game on!

So many things to think about! Here's me prep plan:

- Make a training plan. Since K and I are doing the Rebel Challenge (10K on Saturday and Half on Sunday), I need to take this into account for my training plan. I also have to account for all of the holidays coming up, including finals week. Here is my training plan as it stands right now:
I have six hours of classes on Tuesday and Thursday, so those days are a little more limited and I'm focusing on strength. I'd also like to train for a sub-9:00 pace for both races, to account for photo stops, so I'll be training to that pace, with a checkup after finals to see if that still seems feasible.

- Travel plans. I still don't know what my spring semester schedule will look like, so I don't want to get plane tickets until I know my Friday and Monday schedules! This even it right after the holidays, so hopefully I can get decently cheap flights.

- Costumes. So many option! Couples costumes? Individual? How will the weather be? Should I do character costumes, or a witty t shirt? More details to come....

In other news, my sports bra search is going great. I have two new Strappy bras from Oiselle, and I love them, but the X back is a different feel.

Also, here's a great article about pregnant marathoners

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October: Searching for a new sports bra wardrobe!

As part of my recent clean up effort (which didn't turn into the clean sweep I was hoping for), I went through my lingerie drawer and got rid of all of the really old sports bra that made weird stretchy noises every time I put them on. As a result of this, I was left with about fifteen sports bras, several of which are not quite good enough for running. I know, it sounds like a lot, but I hate doing a less than full load of laundry....which means I do laundry maybe every three weeks. I have amassed a large collection of socks and sports bras to accommodate this.

Anyway, I'd like to replace even more of my current stash, since it consists almost entirely of sports bras from Target. For the most part, I've been wearing the same style since college, deviating only to switch between the seamless bras and reversible compression ones. I'm branching out and ordering some new ones. Here's what I'm looking for: something comfortable and supportive enough for long runs with no chafing, wicking, and easy to take off at the end. Here are my options right now:

Oiselle Verrazano Bra: I really love how this one looks! Removable padding is also nice, but sometimes the padding just gets sweaty and extra gross.

Incredible by Victoria's Secret: I have reservations about this one due to the underwire, but the clasp might make it easier to take off.

Oakley Strappy For You Bra: I already have one of these, in medium, and it is very comfortable without being tight. I might prefer a small for more compression for longer runs, especially with the padding removed. The fabric is very soft, though, an wicking at the same time.

C9 by Champion Racerback Sports Bra: These are the ones I've been wearing for the past eight years. I have pretty much every color. They're perfectly fine for running, very budget friendly, but no padding (so occasional headlight problems) and a little tough to take off. They last about a year or so maybe, with my current rotation.

Lululemon Free to Be Bra/ Lululemon Energy Bra: These ones are super cute, do have the removable padding, and come in a lot of prints. Even though it's listed as light support, I have worn this running, in a size 8. It's also tough to get off.

Does anyone else have any recommendations, or opinions about these?