Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesdays: Triathlon Skills Development

I'm linking up with You Signed Up For WHAT?! and The TriGirl Chronicles again for TriTalk Tuesdays!

This week we're writing about triathlon skills development

  • Transition practice
A lot of people call this the fourth discipline: the transitions! Even though it's a very small part of every triathlon, I think transitions are one of the few elements of a race you have total control over, so you might as well make the great!
  • "Block weeks"
Sometimes, to keep from getting bored and also to improve on one particular leg, I schedule "block weeks" into a training plan. This might be a week or sometimes two when I focus primarily on one discipline. For me, this means that I increase the quality and quantity of workouts in, say, running. I'll cut down to maybe two bikes and two swims, then do four or five run workouts in one week, balancing speed, long runs, and bricks. After one of these "blocks," I always feel like I've really improved, so it's a great boost in the middle of a hot summer!
  • Make a plan
Checking off a workout from a long list of workouts on a calendar is also a great motivator! Having a long-term plan is also great for making sure you're keeping your training well-balanced, gives you a chance to plug in "block weeks," adjusting for any planned events like vacations, and just provides a great overall view.

  • Identify a weakness
I'm not going to lie, swimming still makes me freak out a little. That's why this summer I focused on swimming about three days or more each week, and also spent a good amount of time mentally preparing for open water swims. While I felt I improved, both in speed and general aggressiveness in the water, I only had one race in open water this year, so I won't speak too soon! Last summer, as I prepared for the Half-Full Tri, I was doing at least four days a week on the bike to prepare for the distance. If you know you have a weakness, make that your focus! See above re: block weeks ;)

Do you have any other great ideas for developing these skills?


  1. Block weeks are awesome! Sometimes a little focus on one thing can be really helpful and also pull you out of any boredom you may have trap to.

  2. I love having a plan but lately feel totally off it and it's making me nervous! I like to check off the workouts and log them but I'm just so off my logging/planning game right now. :)