Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesday: Must Have Gear!

Let's try this again: I'm linking up with You Signed Up For WHAT?! and The TriGirl Chronicles for TriTalk Tuesdays! 

This week's topic: Must have gear! I kind of jumped the gun on this one with a post a few weeks ago about my favorite summer training gear, but let's make it a little more tri specific!

  • Body Glide
You can't get through any amount of activity without this stuff! I use it on my shorts, on my feet and heels, and I've even been known to put some on my arms and shins (for wetsuit removal). It works pretty much anywhere you have a seam!

  • Asics Gel-DS Trainers
I've been running in Asics since I was about 16, and I am loving the recent switch to the Trainers! They're so light and comfy but super supportive around the ankle. I added some elastic laces for a speedy transition, and I'm not missing my Kayanos at all!

  • Race Day kit
Right now, I'm rocking the eagle with my Team RWB kit Zoot top and plain back Zoot shorts (Sorry, I can't do the red crotch). I LOVE SOAS kits for training though (why can't they make the Team RWB kits?!?!), because they're so cute, plus the fit is amazing! I also love running fast with polka dots on ;)

  • Camelbak insulated bottles
I can't even tell you how awesome it is to get a chug of cold water during a long bike ride! These bottles are clutch!

  • My Cannondale Synapse bike, "Alice"

I named it Alice because it's white and blue....and Alice Roosevelt had a song named after her called Alice Blue Gown..."both proud and shy"....anyway....you can't do a tri without a bike that loves you! 

So, there's my top tri gear! I'm getting pretty excited about Nation's Tri (ask K, he made me dinner and I spent most of it rambling about split times....) and I can't wait for this weekend to get here!!!


  1. I agree with the Body Glide! It's so important on race day.

  2. I love those insulated bottles too! I totally didn't mention those or body glide, but I decided to just pick 5 things or I'd have written a book of all my must haves (I yammer on too much). Love your list!