Monday, September 1, 2014

Slim Down September!

Who's ready for September! While I really hate to see summer coming to a close, my birthday is at the end of September, so this month always gets me excited for new beginnings! I have dubbed this month "Slim Down September" in an attempt to remind me to commit every day to one of my new plans.

Here's what I have in store so far:

- TIU Frisky Fall Challenge!
I do like the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, and I'm excited for the Frisky Fall Challenge! It starts right after my last race for this fall (as of right now), so I won't have to worry about balancing workouts and nutrition and everything else! This will be just another nudge to slim down my meals and plan ahead!

- Unpacking!
As with every other move, I still have boxes left to unpack, even after a month! Granted, a lot of them are K's books and they need a home....but I hate walking past boxes in the hallway every morning. New goal: unpack at least one box (each) every day! This means, actually open the box and take everything out and put it some place! We have a growing pile of empty boxes to take to the recycling center, and a few boxes of random stuff to donate.

- Seven Items Wardrobe
After some debating, I'm committing to sticking with seven items for my class wardrobe! I have already pulled them out of my closet, and started making a few outfits. My rules are pretty lax, but I'm fairly sure I'll have no problem sticking to this for the three days a week I have class!

- Schedule Streamline
Since it's back to school time, it's also time for me to set my schedule for the entire Fall! I have my classes, so I have a good idea of how much prep time I'll need for each class, but I need to plug all the extra curricular events into my schedule. My goal with this is to minimize my distractions, so that when I have something on my schedule, like study for a class, I can focus on just that one class without worrying about when I'm going to have time for whatever else.

Does anyone else have any awesome plans for September?

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