Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Slim Down September: Week One

So, how was week one of Slim Dow September? I guess it went....OK. I can't really rate it because I got so busy with school, the first week literally flew by! I did stick to my slimmed down wardrobe for class, and my outfits are here:
As you can see, I broke down and added the little black dress. It's the Here To There Dress from Lululemon; the first time I tried it on in stores, I just fell in love and HAD TO HAVE IT. The material is amazing! I wore this dress on Friday with my Asics running shoes, because I knew it was going to be a scorcher! It ended up being about 95 degrees, and I literally sweat through this dress walking to school at 9am. It dried out super fast, though, and was perfectly comfy all day long. Plus, it has pockets!
My outfits for the other two days were less remarkable, but still perfectly fine. The trousers were maybe a little warm for this weather, but it's September.

As for unpacking, I have unpacked some boxes, but I keep finding more.....I think they're multiplying. 

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