Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Slim Down September: Class Wardrobe!

As I mentioned earlier, I am making this month Slim Down September! One of the areas I ought to "slim down" is my wardrobe. After moving (again), I have come to realize about 50% of my clothes are probably workout clothes, including race shirts. And by 50%, I mean a lot more. This translates into 1) a lot of t shirts to dig through every morning and 2) my "serious law student" wardrobe consists of race shirts.
In an effort to look more professional in class, stop wearing jeans and a race shirt, and "slim down" my wardrobe (to help me realize what I really need), for the month of September, I am limiting myself to the following seven pieces for class:
- a coral pencil skirt
- a pair of slim maroon trousers
- a white button down
- a white-ish sleeveless lace top
- a grey dotted tee shirt
- a light mesh-sleeve sweater

If you noticed the pic below, I didn't count my sweaters in my seven pieces because I always keep one in my school locker in case they blast the AC, but I don't usually need one. I did not include jeans in my monthly wardrobe because I only have one pair on hand right now, so I need to save them for the weekends, to wear with my race shirts.
I'm not sure why, but I feel picking only a skirt and slim trousers has limited my shoe selection (to not running shoes). Since the weather is still great, I can probably get away with flip flops most days, and my black Nike Frees look great with these trousers (in my mind...but I wore black Nikes with a dress to my cousins wedding), and I have some leopard flats to dress things up (heaven forbid I actually have to wear heels at any point this month/ever). I may add one more piece: a little black dress. We shall see how "formal" my classes get.

September Seven Pieces

Here are my rules so far:
- This applies to the days I have class, that is, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and if I have an "official" event on another day. This does NOT apply on days I only go to study in the library or go to the school gym.
- I can accessorize with whatever I want, and outerwear does not count (such as the cardigans).
- If I haven't worn one of these pieces by the end of the month, then I clearly don't need it.

My only concern so far is in regards to the weather! This week has a high of 85+ every day, but next week will be more around 70. The fluctuations could lead to the need for more layering (which is why I added the mesh-sleeve sweater). Also, I might need to do laundry more often....

Has anyone else done a wardrobe slim down lately?

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