Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summertime Gear!!

Summertime calls for some special training gear! Every year I try to update my gear to make it more efficient, and here are some things I use almost every day:

Oakley Race Day Tank: I have literally ten of these tank tops in four different colors, and I wear them for every activity (except swimming). They are very light, super wicking, have a built in bra (though I still double up for runs), and it's long enough to cover my back during bike rides. I literally have tan lines exclusively because of this tank.

SkirtSports Redemption Run Shorts: These are the perfect length to cover everything, without being tight, but are really easy to run in. I love the back pocket for my ipod. I have them in black, blue, and oasis. Trust me, they're even better than Speed shorts or even Oiselle Rogas.

Asics shoes: I've worn Asics shoes since high school, and I've pretty much hated any other kind I've tried. I'm currently rotating between these gorgeous Asics GEL DS-Trainers, which I wore for Iron Girl, but also a pair of GT-2000s and Kayanos.

Oakley duffel: I've been carrying all my gym supplies in this awesome Oaley duffel, wich I acquired from my dear husband at the beginning of the summer. It has an awesome wet pocket for my shoes or swimsuit, a front and side pockets for goggles and a lock, and plenty of room inside for everything else. I just wish someone made petite sized duffels so they don't bang my knees.....

Sun protection:
Neutrogena Sunblock Spray: This sprays on very easily, doesn't run even if it gets on your face and you start sweating, and does't smell terrible. I like it.
Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion: I put this on every morning and after I shower in the afternoon. It soaks in very quickly, and won't affect any makeup you put on after. It also doesn't drip or irritate my eyes at all.
Oakley Visor: I don't really remember why, but I hated visors until last year. Now I won't run outside without one. I got white so I can also use it for my occasional (barely ever) golf and tennis outings.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Set Shampoo/conditioner: This is a little less training-focused, but I added this to my shower bag because it smells like a day at the beach, leaves my hair super soft, and I can spray in the surf spray after my hair has been in a bun all day, and I still look like a mermaid. Perfect.

One piece Tyr suit: Whenever I find one of these  in black and pink on sale, I snatch it up. I think I've been through two or three a year, and I only use them for laps. In school, I had to wear a "conservative black one-piece," which started with my first reversible pink and black one. Now that it's just me, though, I might splurge this year on a crazy one! (Or this ADORABLE Team Betty one!)
Vacation suit: When I'm going on vacation and I know I might have time for some laps, I always pack an awesome Kovey Swell top and simple bottoms. I love the wave or currents prints, and I love that it stays in place whether I'm swimming or playing volleyball!

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