Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting ready to go back to school: Backpack Pouch

This week I've been gathering everything up to get ready to go back to class (also, continuing to unpack the bazillion boxes that are a result of moving). While I love getting new binders, developing new systems to adapt to each new schedule, and buying hundreds of dollars of case books (not), I am also cleaning out the old from last year and settling on the new. Here's my updated pouch that I carry in my backpack with me:

  • Lilly Pulitzer pick me up pouch - I got this to match my carded ID wristlet, which I also carry to school/everywhere. This pouch is big enough to hold all my highlighters, but small enough so it's not bulky. 
  • Spare lip gloss/Bare minerals mineral veil - I carry this just in case I forget to pack a lip gloss, or need some extra shine control. I rarely have to pull it out though.
  • Hot pink duct tape - I started carrying this around with me when I was in the Army since it's so useful to put things back together/mark things. I still carry it around with me in case I get a blister from new shoes, or need to pull a prank in the library.
  • Sticky notes and post-it note tabs - because law school, obvi. I use the sticky notes to write notes to myself in my planner or on the top of my notebooks, or to leave notes on people's lockers. The tabs are for marking pages in a book or notebooks. 
  • Caffeine - I have narrowed my caffeine down to the normally acceptable methods of a tea bag and instant coffee (I used to carry around caffeine pills, but apparently that is "extreme")
  • ALL the highlighters - because law school. I have tried several different highlighting techniques for different classes and projects, so now I usually just try to use one highlighter for a particular class, and use three to five different colors for research projects/legal writing. I also have colored pens in the same colors as highlighters, so my notes match.
  • Pens/pencils - I use BIC Cristal pens, which last a long time and I've never had a problem with them. I also keep a mechanical pencil or two just in case. 
All of this goes in the front pouch of my backpack, where it's easy to grab at the start of each class. I also usually have a small pill pouch for extra allergy medication and advil. 

Am I missing anything?

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