Saturday, August 30, 2014

First week of classes!

Thought after the first week of class:

1) I am so glad I already decided to take the Fall off!
Despite the best laid plans, the only scheduled work out I made this week was a yoga class on Wednesday morning, and that almost made me fall asleep. Six hours of classes spread throughout the day on both Tuesday and Thursday, plus a three hour block on Friday, does not lend itself to any workouts on those days. After this last race in a week (Nation's Tri!), I'll be thrilled to have zero pressure to make workouts, and the chance to just do the fun stuff as I want.

2) My circa 2006 laptop IS SO OLD!
I finally have a shiny new HP Sleekbook, and, in the four hours I've had it, it has already changed my outlook on computers! My shiny new machine has TOUCHSCREEN, a FULL KEYBOARD, and more storage than I know what to do with. I almost can't wait to actually do work on it! (Good thing, too, with a journal note due this semester...)

3) I am dubbing the next month SLIM DOWN SEPTEMBER!
I haven't actually finished my whole plan, but this new "challenge" will cover cleaning up my eating (and cutting down on carbs due to less training), unpacking all the boxes from moving, cleaning out my closet, and streamlining whatever I can. Sort of a defrag for my life! (Not that my new laptop needs a defrag, it's so fast!!)

Also, K and I went to the Ohio State v. Navy football game today, and it was awesome! (Disclaimer: this is not a general acceptance of all football related activities)

Is anyone else excited for September?!?!

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