Tuesday, August 12, 2014

College....5 years later!

Over the past weekend, on my way to Hot Springs, I stopped by Staunton, Virginia, and visited Mary Baldwin College, my alma mater. I literally cannot believe it's been over FIVE YEARS since I graduated!! My five year college reunion was last spring, and I didn't go, but I have been talking more to some other classmates!

If it's been five years since you graduated, here's five things to think about doing!

  • Make a donation! If you haven't already, start making a donation to your school! Even if it's just the amount of your class year ($20.09), it's something to remind you to give back every year. 
  • Write an email to a professor who really affected you. If it's your academic advisor, that one women's study professor who changed your life, or a French professor who didn't fail you, take the time to track them down and drop a note to say you are doing alright!
  • Do something with those t shirts! I'm sure you have a pile of tattered shirts left over from great events (for us Baldwin girls, that's Apple Day, Junior Dads Ball, or VWIL platoon shirts) that, while comfy, have definitely seen better days. Plus, they probably make you seem really young ("Oh honey, what year are you in college?" "I graduated....five years ago..."). Turn them into a nice quilt, frame one into a piece of "art," or really, just anything so you don't wear them outside the house.
  • Get your diploma framed! I know, some people did this right after graduation, but I didn't. Well, I framed it myself in a scrapbook-style frame with pictures and mementos, but now that I have a "real" office and a "real" job (as a law student/Army officer), maybe it's time to invest in some professional framing.
  • Reconnect with someone you haven't talked to since graduation. I know, you only keep the friends you really deserve (shoutout to KLH, my roommate/soulmate/MOH/first call when anything happens in my life way before my husband), but maybe it's not a bad idea to network with a classmate who has a sweet job now (or a sweet baby) and just say hi. Attending a school networking event might count. 

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