Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's with....Disney Avengers Half

What is with races selling out so fast these days?! I know now why more races are going to a lottery system rather than straight registration....

So yesterday I tried to corral my team together to register for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon at DisneyLand in November. I was super pumped when I heard about this race because 1) I'm a nerd (SDCC went to a lottery system this year too, fyi) and 2) COAST TO COAST! I was at school, and so were my friends, so when I saw on twitter that it was already 85% sold out less than an hour in, I tried to call everyone to get them online. I got on my tablet and tried to register for myself and my husband, but never got to a confirmation page. Every time I hit submit, I got a popup saying it was already submitted, do I want to submit again. I clicked yes, and it redirected back to the payment page. I've been waiting to hear back from about this, since I took screenshots proving that I tried to register on time, but still waiting. Meanwhile, my husband got online at work, and registered himself, but when he went back to try to register for me, it was sold out by the time he got to the payment page. So, at least I will be attending the race! Hopefully not as a spectator!

In other registration news, one of my friends got into the Marine Corps Marathon! It's definitely on my bucket list, but not this year. The husband considered this one, but then missed the lottery entry deadline, so that's not happening this year either.

Also, NYC lottery results came out today. Another one of my friends, who got in the lottery in 2010 and has deffered/been weathered out every year since, is registered again. I'm definitely planning to go to cheer her on!

I also tried to register for a few summer triathlons around here, but found out the local organization that does a lot of the races has been having issues (TriColumbia). They've disabled registration for the two events I want to to, Heroe's Tri and Iron Girl Columbia. Hopefully they still happen. I'd also like to register for Rev3 Williamsburg, but I'm waiting to hear from the husband after his first sprint tri this weekend. If he likes it, we might have to cut a few deals about who gets to race what :p 

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