Sunday, March 9, 2014

Taper Week!

It's taper week! That magical time of the training cycle where you simultaneously want to run and stuff your face with spaghetti. I've read before about "taper madness" and I think I've found my own symptoms:

- obsessively checking the weather for race day. As soon as the race date shows up on the ten day forecast, I must check it for updates at least three or four times a day. Just to be prepared.

- making sure I have the right fuel on hand. I must have checklists available for the week before (whole grain carbs, mac n cheese, salad), the morning of (banana, waffle, peanut butter), during (gels. so many gels.), and after (ice cream and gatorade). Of course I made a special trip to the grocery store to make sure I'm stocked.

- replacing more runs with swims. Even this was quite possibly the first gorgeous weekend in Baltimore all weekend, I still replaced a run with a swim to make sure my shins don't get twingy. I'm guessing the Hanson's "accumulated fatigue" thing must be working because as my runs have decreased over the last few days, I've felt better and better. I really can't wait to run this race!

- reviewing the course map and planning out water stations and fuel. I have the map, the course elevation, the water/Gu stations all put together, and I'm making mental notes of what looks like hard hills, and key mile markers. While I know I will forget all of this by the 10 mile marker, at least I feel prepared going in.

In addition, I also have my own little prep items, such as getting my playlists together, doing laundry to make sure my planned race day outfit is ready, packing my checked bag with flip flops and a clean shirt, and mapping out my route to the start line with a full pre-race schedule down to the minute.

And as if all this wasn't exciting enough, my spring break starts Friday! I won't have to worry about class getting out on time to get to the expo in DC. I'll have all day with the husband to wander DC, get some afternoon tea, and then relax with some pasta and get a good night's rest in my own bed.

What are your taper week rituals? 

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