Sunday, February 16, 2014

Checking In...

I know, I haven't really been writing lately. With everything that's been going on in my life, the extra pressure of "having" to write another blog post just seemed too much, so I took a break. even now, I'll just be writing every now and again for race recaps, but this is a good way to help me process everything after a race! So, what's going on lately? Here you go:

  • Law School. Yep, I survived my first semester (barely...I had the most terrible virus during finals week which resulted in some slightly disappointing grades), and now I'm on to the "fun" semester of Property, Con Law I, Writing & Oral Advocacy, Intro to Legal Research, Civ Pro II, and International Law. This semester has a lot more writing, so a lot more time trying to find the right Pandora station. 
  • Wedding Planning. It's finally happening! After only *three* years of being married, I am finally having a wedding! May 4th, San Diego, it's going to be awesome. No pressure, though, since this is literally the Sunday after my finals. Who needs to be relaxed?
  • Another marathon! This time it's Rock n Roll USA in DC on March 15th, the first day of my spring break. I've been trying out the Hanson's marathon method, after my own fashion, and trust me, the accumulated fatigue + law school doesn't seem to be a great combination. But it's definitely keeping me motivated! I also have a few other fun races on my calendar this semester. 
My races for Spring 2014 are the following: 

RunDisney Glass Slipper Challenge!
This one I've been waiting for since I signed up last summer! It's a 10k on Saturday, and the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. I went last year and did the half with Kevin (dressed as Han and Leia) but decided this year that I'll run the 10k for fun (stopping for ALL the photos!) and the half for time. Since this is coming up SOON, I'll be posting about this next!

Rock 'n' Roll USA
This is my big marathon A-race for the year! I signed up for this last year on National Running Day, and got a great deal! It's pretty close, so no major traveling plans for this one. I'm debating trying out the Westin VIP package, though, since it sounds like a great deal. Training for this has been going strong, and I'm actually feeling like breaking 4:30 is going to happen! My husband will be doing the half. Anything for this shiny new medal: 

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler: Volunteer
This one won't be a run this year, since I didn't get in the lottery and it's only a few weeks after the marathon. But I will be volunteering at the race expo, which means a guaranteed entry for 2015! Plus it's always nice to give back to races to show a little extra support.

Nike Women's Half Marathon DC
Speaking of lotteries....last year I didn't get into the NWM through the lottery, and this year I'm a student! Huzzah! This one is actually on the Sunday BEFORE finals start, as in, 7 DAYS before my wedding. Again, remember what I said above about stress being good for your skin or something.....?

And, to top it all off, I'm also considering the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon.
This is still a maybe since I don't know what I'll be doing this summer for the Army, and K wants to do the RnR San Diego again, which is the day after this one. I've heard great reviews for this race, though, and the great swag, so hopefully this happens! 

I'm also working through some options for summer triathlons, this time rocking the eagle for Team RWB! Again, I have to wait for my summer assignment, but it will hopefully involve some great local triathlons here in Maryland and Virginia. And K will be moving up here in May, so I'll have to juggle between having a great support system and indulging him as he tries out some triathlons this summer as well. 

As of right now, 27 days to go until the marathon! 

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