Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back: 2014

While I'm definitely very excited for next year, I think now might be a good time to take a breather and look back at everything I accomplished in 2014. While it seems to have gone by so fast, there were definitely a few weeks that dragged by, and I know I've blocked out some memories. Here's some of my biggest accomplishments for 2014:


- Glass Slipper Challenge: This was my first Disney Challenge, and, despite doing it by myself, it was awesome! I wore my Mulan costume, got a ton of pictures, and got really dehydrated.
- RnR USA Marathon: My second full marathon! As expected, law school and snow got in the way of "ideal" training, but I'm now part of the super small "I did a marathon 1L year" club!
- Nike Women's Half DC: Tiffany's. 'Nuf said (oh, and the weekend before finals/my wedding)
- Zooma Annapolis Half: I only ran this for the shirt.
- Baltimore Women's Classic 5K: First short race I've done in a long time! I forgot Baltimore had hills....
- Iron Girl Columbia sprint tri: I always love IG races! UCF did a great job this year.
- Nation's Tri (Olympic minus the swim): Is there anything more inspiring than running around DC?


- Wedding: So, almost four years after we "legally" got married, we finally had a wedding! It was definitely worth the wait, and the stress of planning, and the stress of finding out it was literally in the middle of finals....but still perfect!

- Law School: I finished 1L year, made the Maryland Journal of International Law, and am half way done!
- Home: K finally moved in with me after a little over a year of being separated in Afghanistan/Georgia, and we moved to a new place in Baltimore!
- Travel: According to my TripIt account, I traveled over 30,000 miles this year (by plane, train, and automobile) and over 40 days. We went to San Diego and Ohio several times, a few short trips to NYC and Virginia, and, of course, Mexico!

I am so excited for 2015, and I know there will be a lot of great surprises and opportunities to jump on! Huzzah!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back from Vacation!!

Just before my last final last week, K surprised me with plans to spend a week in Mexico before Christmas! While the thought of spending time on the beach and relaxing was awesome, the short time for preparation was in itself a bit stressful. I had a busy few days, packed with one last final (HALFWAY DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL!!!), my Christmas party, the Army-Navy game, cleaning and packing on Sunday, then we were off on Monday morning! 

We stayed at the Sandos Playacar near Playa del Carmen, a little bit south of Cancun. After a four hour plane ride, picking up a rental car, and a bumpy ride as K re-learned how to drive manual, we arrived, and it was heaven! We spent the days lounging on the beach with frosty drinks, reading and tanning, and a lot of time eating. The water was absolutely beautiful, a perfect blue, and the weather was a perfect 75 every day. While I managed to mostly get rid of my "library tan," my "library muffin top" was more prevalent than ever after a long semester of no racing. 

We walked in to Playa del Carmen one evening, and tried out the Cherry Mocha frappucino at the starbucks, and had dinner at Alux, which is a very fancy little restaurant in a natural cave. 

On the last day, we drove to Chichen Itza, because it's not a real vacation unless you visit a UNESCO heritage site. Every time I visit a site like this, it blows my mind to think that I am walking on the same path as ancient peoples I've read about in books. It's just as amazing to think they were able to build such amazing structures that have lasted this long.

K tried to ruin my selfie
As usual, I overpacked, since I left it until the last few hours before we left. If you're going to an all-inclusive and planning on just staying there for a week, here's what I recommend packing:
- I had three dresses, two maxi dresses and one shorter one (my favorite lulu dress) and they were perfect for the weather in the evenings. I brought a sweater, but I never needed to wear it. I wore these to dinner in the fancier restaurants on the resort, with some fancy flat sandals. 
- I also brought two t shirts and two tank tops. The t's I wore as cover ups with my towel, when I was walking to the beach or pool, and the tanks were great with shorts when I was just heading to a buffet (again) or walking to PDC. I brought two pairs of shorts, one pair of Lulus with a wide elastic waist band and deep pockets, and a pair of running shorts, which I never actually used. Pockets are always clutch, and, when I have the option, I always pick breathable, wicking fabrics. 
- For the beach, I brought three different bikinis. I wish they were the ones in the collage up there, but, again due to last minute packing, I ended up just grabbing three clean ones I could find and that fit. My favorite suits, though (and the ones I showed), are by Kovey. The swell top is great for any activity, and I've even worn it for doing laps. I hate having to wear a wet swimsuit, so I usually wore one in the morning, then changed around lunch to a clean one.  I had a flowy coverup to wear over top on my walk to beach, or just wrapped my beach towel around my waist (see Kovey for her awesome pareo towel). 
- My beach bag was a stuffable REI backpack I've had since college; it stuffs into itself, so it's very easy to pack, but still has padded straps, so it was comfy enough to bring to Chichen Itza all day. I always brought a water bottle, SPF 55 sunblock spray, and my nook. I read Mrs. Lincoln's Rival on the beach, which probably isn't the best beach read, but I loved it! I also picked up some aloe lotion, and used it every night even though I was lucky enough to avoid any burns. 
- K brought a coffee mug for all his delicious drinks, which was great for keeping them cold out on the beach. If I had ever let them sit around long enough to start melting, this might have been a good idea. Oh well. I don't mess around with beachside-delivered pina coladas. 
Oh, and a vacation isn't a vacation without K forgetting something. This time it was just his socks, though, which means he got to squeeze into my socks (remember that time he forgot his shoes when we went to WDW for the Princess Half? Hilarious).  

And now that I'm back home, I'm doing lots of laundry, and packing two more bags for more travelling! We're off to Ohio for Christmas, and then the weekend in Atlanta for a wedding and the Panthers-Falcons game! Since we're leaving tomorrow, I plan on packing both of my bags at the same time, so hopefully I don't forget anything and can just move my toiletries bag. 

Does anyone else have any holiday travel packing tips? 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Awesome news! SOAS Brand Ambassador 2015!

I got some awesome new this week: I am on the SOAS Racing 2015 Brand Ambassador Team! I'm pretty excited!

In case you haven't heard of them yet, SOAS Racing makes THE BEST triathlon kits for women. They're based in San Diego, so that must explain why they have the best designs. I really can't explain how awesome their designs are: the triathlon shorts are cut perfectly on the leg and have just enough padding, and the running kits are practically like wearing nothing, in the best way. Though I've been rocking the Team RWB Eagle this year, I do love wearing SOAS gear for training, and I'm super excited to be wearing their kits this year! Woohoo! 

Surviving Finals: Law School Edition

So, planning for finals for law school is pretty different from planning for finals for undergrad. And not just because Mary Baldwin has, literally, the best finals system in the world. In case you didn't know, MBC has an open finals week, so students can go take their finals anywhere in the academic building during any exam period they want, and are just on the honor code not to talk about them with anyone else. In law school, finals are scheduled, are not nearly as flexible, and require a LOT more information.

My finals record so far has not been that great. My very first semester, I got some pretty intense food poisoning, and woke up the morning of my first final literally unable to get out of bed. I rescheduled that one, crawled to the doctors office, and then ended up throwing up during most of my other finals. Believe it or not, I didn't do so great. The next semester, I actually had my wedding (in San Diego) right smack dab in the middle of finals. Thankfully I was able to reschedule my last two finals for after the wedding, but that means I had to focus on two finals, go enjoy my wedding, then come back and jump right back in to two more finals. Despite all that, here's my advice on planning for law school finals:

- Take care of yourself! See above story about food poisoning. If you aren't feeling great, chances are you aren't going to ace your exams. For me, this means making sure I have time to get in a few quick workouts during finals prep, eating healthy and taking my vitamins and supplements, and keeping my mind calm so I can focus.
One thing I like to do is make a meal plan for every week. During finals, I try to focus on easy make-ahead meals that I can prep and heat up and eat without really putting in too much thinking. I like a lot of salads, grilled chicken breast or skirt steak, and burrito bowls. I just put everything in disposable containers and throw it in the microwave. I also try to write down meals on my schedule so I don't forget to eat! I also stock up on some of my favorite snack foods, because I KNOW I will be snacking a lot (I like twizzlers and baked cheetos).
For workouts, I try to focus on quick, easy workouts during finals prep. This usually means a half hour cardio workout on the elliptical or treadmill, and fifteen minutes or so of kettlebells. If I'm sore, sitting through three or four hour exams is horrible.
To stay calm, I also like to add some yoga maybe once or twice a week. Other things I do to keep my mind free of stupid stuff is to keep my backpack packed with everything I need (highlighters, Picky Bars, chargers), and lay out my clothes for the week on Sunday night. When I wake up, the last thing I want to think about is putting together an acceptable outfit, so laying out clean t shirts/sweaters and some leggings just removes this worry.

- Strategize your outline prep. I make a day-by-day schedule of what exams I have and when I'm going to do what to prepare, and then add in things like meals and workouts. If you have little things that you tend to forget (like printing out your outline), throw that on the schedule too! Here's what my google calendar looked like this past week:

I tend to sandwich my outlining, so I start with the outline for my last exam, then finish with my first exam outline, and prepare for exams the night or morning before the actual exam.
For outlines, I always start with the syllabus and the textbook, and create a skeleton outline of the major topics the class covered. Once that is in place, I take a look and see if I need to organize it in a way that makes more sense to me, or that's more specific to the professor. Then I start adding in my notes, very brief case briefs, and notes from supplements. I sometimes ask around for any other outlines from people who have taken the class before, and see if they hit anything that I skipped.

- Strategize exam prep. Exam prep and outlining are hand-in-hand, but still different.
The day before an exam, I review my outline again, to make sure I understand everything on it. Then, I look at past exams or practice problems the professor or textbook has provided and write out practice answers. If there are sample answers, I look at that and compare it to my answer, or ask a friend to do the same thing, and compare our answers. If there is anything major I missed, I review my outline again to make sure it's on there, and I also check for any details I may have skipped. After all this, I hand write my final "attack" outline, which is a two or three page outline of the major issues, and how I plan on attacking each question. Most of the time, this includes a lot of flow charts. That night, I make sure to print out my outline, if it's open note, make sure the exam software is updated and restart my computer, and pack my bag with whatever I need. I make myself get in bed eight hours before I have to get up, whether I'm tired or not.
The morning of the exam, I plan on getting in my seat at school no less than 30 minutes before the exam starts. Before this, I make sure to get my coffee (usually a venti latte with 3 pumps of peppermint and 2 pumps of vanilla), fill up my water bottle, and eat something. Once I sit down, I lay everything out: my computer, plugged in and connected to the network with a backup cord on hand; a pencil and a colored pen or highlighter, my notes, and my water and coffee.

Also, one of my favorite professors always posts this article in his syllabus. Definitely a good place to go when you start to overthink everything in life.

- Once its all over, relax! If I have another exam coming soon, I know I need to relax and refocus quickly. I am usually too caffeinated to take a nap, so my "thing" is to go home, lay on the couch with something to munch on, watch some mindless tv (probably Bravo), and let my brain crawl out of my head. After about an hour or two of this, I'm awake enough to maybe go to the gym and take a shower, or head back to the library to refocus on my next exam.
And, after the last one, it's time to pop the champagne! This semester I'll be halfway through law school! Huzzah!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stocking Stuffers

What if you have a white elephant exchange with your running group, or just need a stocking stuffer? Don't worry, I've had tons of time to think about this:

1. Socks: Who ever has "enough" socks? Not only that, but they can be a little pricey to get nice socks, so maybe splurge and get some nice Feetures! merino wool socks for someone you love!

2. KT tape: it's always nice to have around for any niggly knees after a long run!

3. Nail polish: Because you run faster when everything it's necessary to have lots of colors of nail polish to match every pair of running shoes you own

4. Charms: A running charm, or a marathon charm, or maybe a charm from a city from a special race. There are so many options!

5. Picky Bars: I kind of have been eating these a lot lately. Yes, I did join the Picky Club.

6. Head bands: I don't know about you, but my hair is always a mess. More head bands! 

Christmas Wish List!

It's almost Christmas! While I may have been a little too generous with myself over the past year and bought all the "good" stuff I could have asked for for Christmas, I do of course have a few ideas of great gifts for your favorite runner/triathlete/law student. I always try to get gifts for people that are things that they normally wouldn't purchase for themselves, so here's what I would suggest:

1. Portman Pants or the Hero Pants: Aren't these adorable?!?! I can definitely see myself living in these if I had them, wearing them for school and the gym. I can't decide which I like better, the turquoise or blue

2. Lucky Long Sleeve Top: I love the neckline on this top! Again, something I would wear ALL THE TIME, for class and outdoor activities.

3. Bike trainer: Because I'm tired of trying to walk home after a 90 minute bike workout at the gym, and I wouldn't mind working out in just a sports bra.

4. Lululemon anything: I showed the pouches for separating clothes, which are great for throwing your sweaty clothes or wet swimsuit in your gym bag or backpack.

5. Fuel: Who doesn't need more caffeine?

6. A runDisney experience: If you know someone who is doing something like the Disney Princess Half, Disney does offer a ton of extra activities throughout the weekend, like the Race Retreat or Pasta in the Park Party. Maybe it would be nice to check their schedule and see if adding an event like this to their itinerary, or just a dinner reservation and gift card at any Disney restaurant, would be awesome! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesday: Race Season Planning

It's Tri Talk Tuesday again! And, according to my schedule, it's finals week! So much going on!

Meanwhile, I'm linking up with Cynthia at You Signed up for WHATCourtney from The TriGirl Chronicles and Phaedra from Blisters and Black Toenails, to talk about Race Season Planning!

Why do it early - While it might not seem like it's all that necessary, there are definitely big benefits to planning out your season early in the year. It helps you plan your big goals, so you don't go into an early-season race feeling like you're not prepared. You can get early bird pricing on races before January, which can save a lot of money! Also, it helps prevent burn out from signing up for too much in too short a time. Also, when you realize there are two events you want to do on the same day, you have a little more time to think about which you would rather do. All good reasons!

How to choose - Usually I start planning by picking my one big "A" race, which is the focus of my season. This past year, I had a full marathon in March, then focused on Nation's Tri in September, and taking off the rest of the Fall. I knew the time in between would be super busy and a little uncertain, so I tried to find races that fit into my known schedule.

Once you have your big race penciled in, you can start filling in smaller races to help build up to that goal. If you're doing a half-iron tri, it's good to build up with a "tune up" race and maybe a few "B" races with less pressure on yourself, as well as some shorter running races. If you're doing a big event like a runDisney Challenge, you should definitely practice with shorter races leading up. Last year I managed to fit the Glass Slipper Challenge into my training plan for my marathon, and lined up my training plan perfectly. Let's be honest, it was probably the only long run I did that I actually hit my goal pace.

While you start looking for build up races, keep in mind your own non-racing schedule, and try to plan around that. It's easier to have support for your training and racing habit if you don't skip a family wedding to race. This was a rough summer for me, since it seemed like all of the three "B" races I planned on doing ended up coinciding with weddings and I had some choices to make (I always opted for the wedding and took a less ideal race).

What I have planned - For next year, so far, I have a few big races planned, and an alternative schedule depending on my health:

Depending on how my summer turns out (I still don't know where I'll be stationed, or how long, or what I'll be doing), FrogMan might not happen. But hopefully it will. If it does, I'll probably add at least two more shorter, local triathlons during the summer to prepare.

Have you started thinking about 2015?!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gobble Cobble 2014

Well, this holiday weekend has been pretty long. I forgot what not being at school for this long in a row was like. It's almost more stressful than being at school because I keep thinking about all the studying I could be doing. Even making a detailed schedule of studying for the next two weeks has not helped.

However, I did manage to fit in the Gobble Cobble Turkey Trot! It was a great 7K course through Harbor East, Fell's Point, and the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. While a slightly weird distance, it was definitely enough to get in a good warmup (I did not feel this way when I saw the three mile sign) and finish strong.

Since it started around 8:30, I got to the check in area around 8, picked up my shirt and bib, and then dropped my stuff in a locker inside the MAC (packet pickup was there and the gym was open to runners). I wasn't sure how I would feel about the weather, so I planned on wearing layers and going with the flow. Even though it was about 35 degrees out, it was sunny, not windy, and I ended up going with Oiselle tights, an Underarmour coldgear top, the adorable orange race shirt, and gloves and earmuffs. While I was never cold, I was right on the edge of being too warm, and probably could've gone with much lighter gloves.
The shirts were available in either unisex or women's sizes, in plain cotton, and I kind of love it. I didn't even realize women's fit cotton shirts were so comfy, since I'm so used to the unisex, boxy ones.

This was the first race I've done with my new Garmin Forerunner 10, and I haven't decided how I feel about it. On the one hand, it did motivate me to run a little faster, since I was hoping for an 8:30 pace. On the other hand, I also used as a little bit of a crutch to slow down a bit when I saw my pace hit below 8:00. At the end of the race, my official time was 36:23 (8:21 pace), good enough for 135th place overall, but I think my Garmin came in a little under 7K for the course. Oh well, I'm going to go with my official time ;) (according to my Garmin splits, I was somewhere between 8:30-8:55 each mile)

In other news, I ordered some Picky Bars during their awesome sale, I have started trying to figure out how to best utilize my new Believe training journal, and I am refraining from purchasing large amounts of clothes during all these sales. I was a running buddy again for the Girls on the Run 5K this past Sunday, which was pretty fun. I also managed to visit the Walters Art Museum here in Baltimore. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Disney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend (also, K runs!)

Last weekend I took a little break from studying and headed out to the West Coast to cheer on K for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon at DisneyLand!! Woohoo!

Since K doesn't have a dumb class on Friday afternoons, or any other day, he flew out to spend time with his family on Monday, and I joined him Friday night. On Saturday, we had lunch with his mom, then she drove us up to Anaheim for packet pickup. Our original plan was to take the train to Anaheim, but there was track work on THAT SATURDAY ONLY, so that wasn't an easy option.
Unless you're staying at a local hotel, luggage storage is definitely an issue at Disney. We ended up driving to my friend's place in HB and dropping our luggage there, and then returning to meet up with other family we would be staying overnight with.

The packet pickup and Expo are at the convention center at DisneyLand hotel. Parking is a little tight, and expensive, as you might expect, but there is 20 minute parking if someone is just dropping you off. From there, it's a short walk to the packet pickup area. They have printers in the middle to print off your waiver, and then lots of booths for pickup. K picked up his race bib and I picked up my ChEAR Squad package. We arrived about a half hour before the end of the expo, so there was no wait time and the place wasn't very crowded.
I paid for the Silver package, since it's the lowest level that gives you a wristband to get into the park to watch the race on Main Street. This is always one of my favorite parts of Disney races, so I was excited to be one of the spectators! The package also included a pair of clappers, a short sleeve t shirt, and a roll-up blanket. I would have preferred to have an event-specific t shirt.

After pickup, we browsed the expo, and drooled a little bit over the recently released Rebel Challenge/Star Wars Half medals. K also picked up some gels for the race, but the expo was closing soon so we were a bit rushed.
After, we spent some time out in Downtown Disney, watching people and picking up a few souvenirs. I finally invested in some awesome sparkly Minnie ears, which are my new favorite accessory.
After a questionable dinner of cajun shrimp and crawfish boil, we got to bed a little late and woke up at 4 to drive from Pomona to Anaheim. We parked in the Mickey and Friends parking garage near the Disneyland hotel, which was also a little pricey. I wish they had free parking like DisneyWorld does for races. After seeing K into the start corrals, I started walking through Downtown Disney towards the park to claim my spot on Main Street.

When I first arrived at Main Street, it wasn't crowded at all. Initially cast members were trying to corral everyone into one tiny corner of the street, which seemed to be a surprise to everyone. After a few ladies started yelling about how they didn't pay to stand behind someone, the whole right side of the street was opened up. I managed to snag a spot about halfway down the street right on the curb, and waited about twenty minutes before the first runners came through. K was in B corral, so he came through about a half hour after that, and claimed his good luck kiss. I stayed about another half hour or so watching all the runners and enjoying the costumes, then headed back to Downtown Disney for some coffee.

I'm really not sure why DisneyLand requires the wristband to enter the park for this race. It really limited the spectators, and, I think, made it less exciting. It does seem a bit greedy. Maybe a designated cheer zone, like they have at DW or at the finish line, would be sufficient.

After getting some coffee, I wandered back towards the finish line. Most of the finishing area was completely blocked off by the Platinum and Gold ChEAR Squad tent and viewing stand, so only a small portion past the actual finish line was actually visible. I waited there for a bit until I saw K, then headed towards the parking lot where the stage was. I was actually surprised that area was also closed off, since it was pretty much empty as everyone walked out to find their family. I never found the family meetup area, since I found K at the exit to this area, and we headed back to the car. He was quite proud of his new medal
As usual, the finisher's medal was gorgeous and envy-inspiring in anyone who didn't get to run. The center A spins around, which seems to be a theme for this year's Disney medals. The shirts for the race were just long-sleeve version of their normal NB shirts, which I think are a little sticky.
As usual, this race was full of Disney magic, and definitely fired me up for the Rebel Challenge in January! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Classes are over! Plans for my first free weekend

Classes are over!! (well, almost, I have one hour left.....) I have spent a lot of time over the past month deciding what I want to do with my first "free" weekend in that sweet spot between the end of classes and finals. Here's my plan for this weekend:

  • Read I love Gail Carriger, and her new book is out! The third in the Finishing School series, Waistcoats and Weaponry looks like it is going to be awesome! It's been out a few weeks, and I've been saving it for just this special occasion when I can sit on my couch with a cup of tea and read it straight through.
  • Watch all of Downton Abbey Season 5! I can't wait to see what happens next. And I obviously need to catch up before I go visit the Downton Abbey exhibit at Winterthur (on my winter break list) 

  • Try out my new Garmin 10. I've always run with just a normal stop watch, but I finally decided a fun new toy might be just what I need to get out the door on these cold days. 

  • Get a crazy new color on my nails. I like to go get a gel manicure when I know I'm going to be super busy in the next few weeks, and I'm ready for something other than my normal light pink. Maybe a crazy holiday red?

  • Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. I'm trying a new recipe for pumpkin tiramisu! 
I also plan on sleeping in every day and eating most of the box of Candy Cane Oreos I have, which are pretty much the most amazing thing ever created. Cheers!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Runday: Or not

Who doesn't love getting in a long run on Sunday? Let me tell you, I would so much rather be running right now! I just turned in a 23 page draft of a paper, and it took me about four hours after I finished writing to finish formatting all the citations and cleaning it up. See my instagram for a lovely list of #lawschoolsucks pics.

But now that's over, I can focus on some fun, namely, getting ready for the Avengers Half this weekend and costumes for the Rebel Challenge in January!

K is leaving tomorrow to spend all week in San Diego with family, and I'll be joining him out there after class on Friday, just for the weekend. I wish I could spend all week in San Diego....I hear the beach is really good for studying.
Since I'm not running, I splurged on the Silver ChEAR Squad package to watch K run on Sunday morning. It was $45, so hopefully it's worth it! I'll be reporting back on my first runDisney spectator experience!

As far as costumes go, I've always wanted to do a running Leia metal bikini costume! I found this one on Pinterest, and I absolutely love the ears!
Right now, I'm thinking I can get the individual pieces and make them a little more family friendly. Maybe the "metal" bottom over my maroon running skirt, and the top over a sports bra or skin-toned top. Do you think K will be up for carbonite Han?

For a second costume, I'm definitely thinking of making my own Jedi running costume! Without the cape....that might slow me down. I'm thinking something like this:

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rebel Challenge Prep!

So, while I've been loving my little break from racing, today I realized it is a mere 79 days until the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland!! Time to get my training game on!

So many things to think about! Here's me prep plan:

- Make a training plan. Since K and I are doing the Rebel Challenge (10K on Saturday and Half on Sunday), I need to take this into account for my training plan. I also have to account for all of the holidays coming up, including finals week. Here is my training plan as it stands right now:
I have six hours of classes on Tuesday and Thursday, so those days are a little more limited and I'm focusing on strength. I'd also like to train for a sub-9:00 pace for both races, to account for photo stops, so I'll be training to that pace, with a checkup after finals to see if that still seems feasible.

- Travel plans. I still don't know what my spring semester schedule will look like, so I don't want to get plane tickets until I know my Friday and Monday schedules! This even it right after the holidays, so hopefully I can get decently cheap flights.

- Costumes. So many option! Couples costumes? Individual? How will the weather be? Should I do character costumes, or a witty t shirt? More details to come....

In other news, my sports bra search is going great. I have two new Strappy bras from Oiselle, and I love them, but the X back is a different feel.

Also, here's a great article about pregnant marathoners

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October: Searching for a new sports bra wardrobe!

As part of my recent clean up effort (which didn't turn into the clean sweep I was hoping for), I went through my lingerie drawer and got rid of all of the really old sports bra that made weird stretchy noises every time I put them on. As a result of this, I was left with about fifteen sports bras, several of which are not quite good enough for running. I know, it sounds like a lot, but I hate doing a less than full load of laundry....which means I do laundry maybe every three weeks. I have amassed a large collection of socks and sports bras to accommodate this.

Anyway, I'd like to replace even more of my current stash, since it consists almost entirely of sports bras from Target. For the most part, I've been wearing the same style since college, deviating only to switch between the seamless bras and reversible compression ones. I'm branching out and ordering some new ones. Here's what I'm looking for: something comfortable and supportive enough for long runs with no chafing, wicking, and easy to take off at the end. Here are my options right now:

Oiselle Verrazano Bra: I really love how this one looks! Removable padding is also nice, but sometimes the padding just gets sweaty and extra gross.

Incredible by Victoria's Secret: I have reservations about this one due to the underwire, but the clasp might make it easier to take off.

Oakley Strappy For You Bra: I already have one of these, in medium, and it is very comfortable without being tight. I might prefer a small for more compression for longer runs, especially with the padding removed. The fabric is very soft, though, an wicking at the same time.

C9 by Champion Racerback Sports Bra: These are the ones I've been wearing for the past eight years. I have pretty much every color. They're perfectly fine for running, very budget friendly, but no padding (so occasional headlight problems) and a little tough to take off. They last about a year or so maybe, with my current rotation.

Lululemon Free to Be Bra/ Lululemon Energy Bra: These ones are super cute, do have the removable padding, and come in a lot of prints. Even though it's listed as light support, I have worn this running, in a size 8. It's also tough to get off.

Does anyone else have any recommendations, or opinions about these? 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Coming soon: Ironman 70.3 Augusta!

So after a short weekend of a stuffy nose, sore throat, and major headaches while trying to finish a competition brief, I took some Nyquil last night and woke up this morning about two and a half hours after my first alarm. I vaguely remember looking at my phone and wondering what all those symbols mean, then passing back out. To pry my eyes open at the early hour of 9 am, I started flipping through my twitter and realized it's race week for Augusta!!

No, I am not doing the Augusta Half Ironman this year, though, it is still on my bucket list. Here's why (it's on my bucket list, not why I'm not doing it this year, see above for that reason):

In the summer of 2007, I went to Camp Buckner at West Point, and my bunkmate was an amazing athlete on the West Point Triathlon Team. She was beast. I had never heard of triathlon before, but after she explained it, I thought it sounded pretty cool. I was all about testing my limits. I mean, I volunteered for a summer at West Point, just for fun.

When I moved back to school in VA, I realized those hills where beauty dwells are not good for biking, plus I had nowhere to put a bike during school, so oh well.

Fast forward to September 2009, when I moved to Augusta, GA, for my first Army assignment. The first Sunday I was there, I went downtown for church and saw so many roads blocked off. I figured it was a race of some kind, but upon further investigation over bottomless mimosas, I learned it was actually a half Ironman race. I was completely blown away by the thought of doing that much physical activity in one day.

Also, the aforementioned bunkmate just happened to be racing that day, her first half Ironman, and finished first in her division in 4:31. Like I said, beast. I'm still trying to get my normal half marathon time up to her triathlon time.

This only renewed my interest in triathlon, and it wasn't long before I was swimming and running after class almost every day. My dreams of a race-filled summer were dashed when I got orders to go to Iraq, where I was fairly certain there would be no pool. I was right. There was, however, an XL stationary bike in the gym, and I spent many a Sunday spinning away. My regular workout turned into a 26.2 mile bike, because that just seemed like a good number, but after doing my first unofficial half marathon (literally 4 laps around the base I was at, at 4am, in 85 degree heat), I upped my Sunday spins to 50 miles. I felt like maybe a half ironman wasn't too much of a dream after all.

So, there yo have it. That's how I got started doing triathlons. Augusta is still on my bucket list, since the only year I could reasonably do it, it just happened to fall on my birthday. Maybe next year. Or the year after that. I'm definitely feeling a post-law school half ironman ;)

And good luck to everyone racing!! Augusta is an awesome place to visit, and an awesome place to race! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesday: Race Day Plan!

It's another Tri Talk Tuesday linkup, with Cynthia at You Signed Up For What  and Courtney from The TriGirl Chronicles

This week is all about your Triathlon Race Day Plan.

Personally, I think that a race day plan needs to be broken down into different phases: the logistics of before and after, the race elements, and the visualization that prepares you for both. 

  • Part One: Logistics
This should be the easiest part: how do you get you (and all your stuff) to the race, and home again. This is the "print your maps to the expo, make sure you have your ID, bring your phone or make a meetup after plan" part. I can see how this can easily become stressful if you don't prepare properly, so start thinking a week or so in advance! 

  • Part Two: Think it through

This is the guts of your race: nutrition, pacing, transitions, and milestones on the course. A few weeks out from a race, I start pulling up the race maps, taking assessment of how I feel, and forming my actual race plan. This mainly involves pacing. I'll set overall goals for each segment and, if it's a long race, break down the bike into shorter segments. 
Once I have an idea of how I plan on exerting myself, I think out a fuel plan: do I want to refuel mostly on the bike? What water stations are there? Will it be super hot? What do I need before the start? Where do I need to keep my gels? 
I also start planning how I'll set up my transition area, and what I need to pack: do I need socks? Do I need my wetsuit? How many gels/water bottles am I bringing? 

  • Part Three: Visualize 
Of course, besides physically practice things like the transition, it's important to start visualizing all of these little elements. What do I do in transition: will I see my gels, or will I forget them? How about that bike course? Sit down with a bike course video, if they have one, and visualize how often you'll be switching gears. How hilly is the run course? Do you know of a particular part of the run (say, mile 4?) where you know you'll hit an emotional wall and want to quit? Do you need to bring chocolate to avoid that, or will there be crowd support there? 

The most important thing, I think, is to just have some sort of plan before going into a race! Even if it's, run really hard and drink a bottle on the bike, that's better than going in with nothing! My awesome husband always makes me talk through my plan the night before, and usually while I'm waiting for my swim corral. It might be because he's tired of hearing me ramble, but it does help! 

What do you think are the most important parts of a race plan?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Run style: Who doesn't love a fashion show?!

Oiselle had another fashion show!

NYTimes covered it here, and Runner's World covered it here. Hopefully the whole thing will be up on the Youtube soon!

While I don't have too many pieces from Oiselle (just some tees and the mandatory Roga shorts) I just LOVE what they're doing with the industry! Their clothes are legitimately cute, but very functional, and obviously work at the highest level of competition! I also adore their little feather elements, like these pants:

Some of my other favorite brands that I think are really pushing the stylishness of great, functional clothes: Oakley (obviously) and SOAS Racing. Just as a side note, I love the soft orange and light blue that both Oakley and Oiselle have this year!

I also love some of the more athletic-styled clothes at Fashion Week this year. While I don't mind dressing up, I love a dress that shows off my shoulders, like this AMAZING one from Monique Lhuillier:
What's your "run style"? 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Race Recap: Nation's Tri

Who doesn't love another awesome race in downtown Washington, DC?!?! I've been dying to do Nation's Tri ever since I first heard about, despite the Potomac swim, so I was really excited to register and make this the final hurrah for my season.

Here's how it went down:

Saturday afternoon K and I drove down from Baltimore to DC. One of my friends who was also racing was gracious enough to let us crash with her for the night, so I was all packed up with a weekend bag plus transition bag plus nutrition bag plus bike.....lots of stuff to carry around. We drove first to West Potomac Park and decided to park there by transition, then take the shuttle from there to the expo at the Hilton. There wasn't much info about parking during bike racking, just that there would be limited parking and lots of street blocks during the race, so we decided to take the chance.

When we got to the park, we had no problem parking on the street not too far from transition. It was blocked off and made a one way street for the weekend, and lots of people were coming in and out with their bikes. We left the car there, then took the Greyhound shuttle up to the expo. A lot of people were apparently riding their bikes to the expo, then to bike racking, and either taking the shuttle back to the Hilton or taking a bikeshare back to their homes, since the bikeshare right by transition was cleaned out.

The expo was a little tight, and kind of oddly laid out. On walking in, we kind of wandered around a little bit before finding the check in area. After standing in line to walk up to one of the three or four volunteers at check in, they asked for photo ID, USAT card, and two waivers. One of the waivers had been emailed out the week before, but the second one was all new, so the line was pretty backed up with people filling out the second waiver. After that, I took the waiver to pick up my race packet at one of the tables behind the checkin. There, I got my wristband, put my race number on my swim cap, and then was told to go activate the timing chip and pick up a strap at the back of the room. From there, apparently I was supposed to go pick up my shirt and bag, but that was on the other side of the expo. I saw a lot of people wandering around looking for it, and even met people in transition who still hadn't picked up their bags, so they had to go back to the expo just to get their shirts. Poor flow at the expo!!

After wandering around the expo a bit and picking up some new flavors of Gu, K and I stopped at a little French place outside the hotel for a late lunch. We then grabbed the shuttle back to the transition area to rack my bike. I put my stickers on (there was one big number for the bike, as usual, and a tony one for the stem. Looking around, though, people had this tiny one on some pretty random parts of the bike. The sticker sheet also include stickers for special needs bags and swim to bike bag....even though we clearly didn't need them) and then found my spot on the rack. Like Iron Girl, they had stickers on the racks so everyone had a designated spot.

Just as a side note, transition looked HUUUUGE! There were about 25+ rows of racks, and swim/bike in on one end and bike/run out at the other.....this looked like it was going to be a lot of running in transition.

After checking out the in/out portions of transition and the dock for the swim, we headed back to my friends' place for pizza and an early bedtime.

Race Day
Race day came bright and early, as it usually does. I checked my phone first thing to see the weather, and also saw an alert on facebook saying the swim was cancelled! Apparently the heavy rain over night had caused an unacceptable amount of sewage in the area we were supposed to be swimming....implying that there was merely an acceptable level normally. Awesome.

Whenever a major part of a race, or the whole race (see Iron Girl Atlanta 2013), is cancelled, I always have mixed feelings. On the one hand, that's one less thing I have to do! On the other, I trained for that swim! Oh well.....

We still showed up to transition a little after 6, and set everything up. I borrowed someone's pump to pump my own tires this time! Then, we went out to wait.

Apparently, the swim was scheduled to be a time trial start by wave, with the first wave around 7, and the first sprint wave around 9. Now, there were something like 36 waves, and I was in wave I wasn't starting anytime soon. My friend and I just hung out on the street outside our corral and waited with K. And waited some more. We finally got into our corral at about 8:10, and by that time, the announcement came out that the leader was already at mile 3. Of the run. CRAZY! We finally lined up, and we were off! I jumped on my bike, ran out with no problems, and attacked the bike course!

The bike course for Nation's Tri goes through a lot of downtown DC, so there's a lot of room, but some pretty tricky turns. For the most part, it's fairly flat and fast, which is great! I kept my cadence fairly high, and hit over my goal of 18mph for most of the course, except for the turns, which really did slow me down. There were a few moments where I felt comfortable and didn't really push the pace, but caught myself!
Bike: 1:24:32

The transition to the run was pretty fast, and before I knew it I was out on the run course. While I was hoping for a fairly fast run, I haven't ran more than a mile since Iron Girl three weeks ago, so my expectations weren't that high. I think I hit the first water point around 9 minutes, and my pace just went downhill from there. On the upside, I didn't feel drained, but I definitely didn't feel fast. I kept it around my steady ten minute pace going into the last mile, where I did have to stop a few times to shake out my quads.
Heading into the finish chute, I wasn't sure if I would be able to kick it up enough to run all the way through, but the crowd was great! It's hard to run slowly through so much cheering! K even got a real video of my finish this time!
Run: 1:03:26

Overall, I'd say this event was great, and I can't wait to do the whole thing!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Slim Down September: Week One

So, how was week one of Slim Dow September? I guess it went....OK. I can't really rate it because I got so busy with school, the first week literally flew by! I did stick to my slimmed down wardrobe for class, and my outfits are here:
As you can see, I broke down and added the little black dress. It's the Here To There Dress from Lululemon; the first time I tried it on in stores, I just fell in love and HAD TO HAVE IT. The material is amazing! I wore this dress on Friday with my Asics running shoes, because I knew it was going to be a scorcher! It ended up being about 95 degrees, and I literally sweat through this dress walking to school at 9am. It dried out super fast, though, and was perfectly comfy all day long. Plus, it has pockets!
My outfits for the other two days were less remarkable, but still perfectly fine. The trousers were maybe a little warm for this weather, but it's September.

As for unpacking, I have unpacked some boxes, but I keep finding more.....I think they're multiplying. 

Tri Talk Tuesdays: Triathlon Skills Development

I'm linking up with You Signed Up For WHAT?! and The TriGirl Chronicles again for TriTalk Tuesdays!

This week we're writing about triathlon skills development

  • Transition practice
A lot of people call this the fourth discipline: the transitions! Even though it's a very small part of every triathlon, I think transitions are one of the few elements of a race you have total control over, so you might as well make the great!
  • "Block weeks"
Sometimes, to keep from getting bored and also to improve on one particular leg, I schedule "block weeks" into a training plan. This might be a week or sometimes two when I focus primarily on one discipline. For me, this means that I increase the quality and quantity of workouts in, say, running. I'll cut down to maybe two bikes and two swims, then do four or five run workouts in one week, balancing speed, long runs, and bricks. After one of these "blocks," I always feel like I've really improved, so it's a great boost in the middle of a hot summer!
  • Make a plan
Checking off a workout from a long list of workouts on a calendar is also a great motivator! Having a long-term plan is also great for making sure you're keeping your training well-balanced, gives you a chance to plug in "block weeks," adjusting for any planned events like vacations, and just provides a great overall view.

  • Identify a weakness
I'm not going to lie, swimming still makes me freak out a little. That's why this summer I focused on swimming about three days or more each week, and also spent a good amount of time mentally preparing for open water swims. While I felt I improved, both in speed and general aggressiveness in the water, I only had one race in open water this year, so I won't speak too soon! Last summer, as I prepared for the Half-Full Tri, I was doing at least four days a week on the bike to prepare for the distance. If you know you have a weakness, make that your focus! See above re: block weeks ;)

Do you have any other great ideas for developing these skills?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Slim Down September: Class Wardrobe!

As I mentioned earlier, I am making this month Slim Down September! One of the areas I ought to "slim down" is my wardrobe. After moving (again), I have come to realize about 50% of my clothes are probably workout clothes, including race shirts. And by 50%, I mean a lot more. This translates into 1) a lot of t shirts to dig through every morning and 2) my "serious law student" wardrobe consists of race shirts.
In an effort to look more professional in class, stop wearing jeans and a race shirt, and "slim down" my wardrobe (to help me realize what I really need), for the month of September, I am limiting myself to the following seven pieces for class:
- a coral pencil skirt
- a pair of slim maroon trousers
- a white button down
- a white-ish sleeveless lace top
- a grey dotted tee shirt
- a light mesh-sleeve sweater

If you noticed the pic below, I didn't count my sweaters in my seven pieces because I always keep one in my school locker in case they blast the AC, but I don't usually need one. I did not include jeans in my monthly wardrobe because I only have one pair on hand right now, so I need to save them for the weekends, to wear with my race shirts.
I'm not sure why, but I feel picking only a skirt and slim trousers has limited my shoe selection (to not running shoes). Since the weather is still great, I can probably get away with flip flops most days, and my black Nike Frees look great with these trousers (in my mind...but I wore black Nikes with a dress to my cousins wedding), and I have some leopard flats to dress things up (heaven forbid I actually have to wear heels at any point this month/ever). I may add one more piece: a little black dress. We shall see how "formal" my classes get.

September Seven Pieces

Here are my rules so far:
- This applies to the days I have class, that is, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and if I have an "official" event on another day. This does NOT apply on days I only go to study in the library or go to the school gym.
- I can accessorize with whatever I want, and outerwear does not count (such as the cardigans).
- If I haven't worn one of these pieces by the end of the month, then I clearly don't need it.

My only concern so far is in regards to the weather! This week has a high of 85+ every day, but next week will be more around 70. The fluctuations could lead to the need for more layering (which is why I added the mesh-sleeve sweater). Also, I might need to do laundry more often....

Has anyone else done a wardrobe slim down lately?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesday: Must Have Gear!

Let's try this again: I'm linking up with You Signed Up For WHAT?! and The TriGirl Chronicles for TriTalk Tuesdays! 

This week's topic: Must have gear! I kind of jumped the gun on this one with a post a few weeks ago about my favorite summer training gear, but let's make it a little more tri specific!

  • Body Glide
You can't get through any amount of activity without this stuff! I use it on my shorts, on my feet and heels, and I've even been known to put some on my arms and shins (for wetsuit removal). It works pretty much anywhere you have a seam!

  • Asics Gel-DS Trainers
I've been running in Asics since I was about 16, and I am loving the recent switch to the Trainers! They're so light and comfy but super supportive around the ankle. I added some elastic laces for a speedy transition, and I'm not missing my Kayanos at all!

  • Race Day kit
Right now, I'm rocking the eagle with my Team RWB kit Zoot top and plain back Zoot shorts (Sorry, I can't do the red crotch). I LOVE SOAS kits for training though (why can't they make the Team RWB kits?!?!), because they're so cute, plus the fit is amazing! I also love running fast with polka dots on ;)

  • Camelbak insulated bottles
I can't even tell you how awesome it is to get a chug of cold water during a long bike ride! These bottles are clutch!

  • My Cannondale Synapse bike, "Alice"

I named it Alice because it's white and blue....and Alice Roosevelt had a song named after her called Alice Blue Gown..."both proud and shy" can't do a tri without a bike that loves you! 

So, there's my top tri gear! I'm getting pretty excited about Nation's Tri (ask K, he made me dinner and I spent most of it rambling about split times....) and I can't wait for this weekend to get here!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Slim Down September!

Who's ready for September! While I really hate to see summer coming to a close, my birthday is at the end of September, so this month always gets me excited for new beginnings! I have dubbed this month "Slim Down September" in an attempt to remind me to commit every day to one of my new plans.

Here's what I have in store so far:

- TIU Frisky Fall Challenge!
I do like the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, and I'm excited for the Frisky Fall Challenge! It starts right after my last race for this fall (as of right now), so I won't have to worry about balancing workouts and nutrition and everything else! This will be just another nudge to slim down my meals and plan ahead!

- Unpacking!
As with every other move, I still have boxes left to unpack, even after a month! Granted, a lot of them are K's books and they need a home....but I hate walking past boxes in the hallway every morning. New goal: unpack at least one box (each) every day! This means, actually open the box and take everything out and put it some place! We have a growing pile of empty boxes to take to the recycling center, and a few boxes of random stuff to donate.

- Seven Items Wardrobe
After some debating, I'm committing to sticking with seven items for my class wardrobe! I have already pulled them out of my closet, and started making a few outfits. My rules are pretty lax, but I'm fairly sure I'll have no problem sticking to this for the three days a week I have class!

- Schedule Streamline
Since it's back to school time, it's also time for me to set my schedule for the entire Fall! I have my classes, so I have a good idea of how much prep time I'll need for each class, but I need to plug all the extra curricular events into my schedule. My goal with this is to minimize my distractions, so that when I have something on my schedule, like study for a class, I can focus on just that one class without worrying about when I'm going to have time for whatever else.

Does anyone else have any awesome plans for September?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

First week of classes!

Thought after the first week of class:

1) I am so glad I already decided to take the Fall off!
Despite the best laid plans, the only scheduled work out I made this week was a yoga class on Wednesday morning, and that almost made me fall asleep. Six hours of classes spread throughout the day on both Tuesday and Thursday, plus a three hour block on Friday, does not lend itself to any workouts on those days. After this last race in a week (Nation's Tri!), I'll be thrilled to have zero pressure to make workouts, and the chance to just do the fun stuff as I want.

2) My circa 2006 laptop IS SO OLD!
I finally have a shiny new HP Sleekbook, and, in the four hours I've had it, it has already changed my outlook on computers! My shiny new machine has TOUCHSCREEN, a FULL KEYBOARD, and more storage than I know what to do with. I almost can't wait to actually do work on it! (Good thing, too, with a journal note due this semester...)

3) I am dubbing the next month SLIM DOWN SEPTEMBER!
I haven't actually finished my whole plan, but this new "challenge" will cover cleaning up my eating (and cutting down on carbs due to less training), unpacking all the boxes from moving, cleaning out my closet, and streamlining whatever I can. Sort of a defrag for my life! (Not that my new laptop needs a defrag, it's so fast!!)

Also, K and I went to the Ohio State v. Navy football game today, and it was awesome! (Disclaimer: this is not a general acceptance of all football related activities)

Is anyone else excited for September?!?!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summertime Gear!!

Summertime calls for some special training gear! Every year I try to update my gear to make it more efficient, and here are some things I use almost every day:

Oakley Race Day Tank: I have literally ten of these tank tops in four different colors, and I wear them for every activity (except swimming). They are very light, super wicking, have a built in bra (though I still double up for runs), and it's long enough to cover my back during bike rides. I literally have tan lines exclusively because of this tank.

SkirtSports Redemption Run Shorts: These are the perfect length to cover everything, without being tight, but are really easy to run in. I love the back pocket for my ipod. I have them in black, blue, and oasis. Trust me, they're even better than Speed shorts or even Oiselle Rogas.

Asics shoes: I've worn Asics shoes since high school, and I've pretty much hated any other kind I've tried. I'm currently rotating between these gorgeous Asics GEL DS-Trainers, which I wore for Iron Girl, but also a pair of GT-2000s and Kayanos.

Oakley duffel: I've been carrying all my gym supplies in this awesome Oaley duffel, wich I acquired from my dear husband at the beginning of the summer. It has an awesome wet pocket for my shoes or swimsuit, a front and side pockets for goggles and a lock, and plenty of room inside for everything else. I just wish someone made petite sized duffels so they don't bang my knees.....

Sun protection:
Neutrogena Sunblock Spray: This sprays on very easily, doesn't run even if it gets on your face and you start sweating, and does't smell terrible. I like it.
Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion: I put this on every morning and after I shower in the afternoon. It soaks in very quickly, and won't affect any makeup you put on after. It also doesn't drip or irritate my eyes at all.
Oakley Visor: I don't really remember why, but I hated visors until last year. Now I won't run outside without one. I got white so I can also use it for my occasional (barely ever) golf and tennis outings.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Set Shampoo/conditioner: This is a little less training-focused, but I added this to my shower bag because it smells like a day at the beach, leaves my hair super soft, and I can spray in the surf spray after my hair has been in a bun all day, and I still look like a mermaid. Perfect.

One piece Tyr suit: Whenever I find one of these  in black and pink on sale, I snatch it up. I think I've been through two or three a year, and I only use them for laps. In school, I had to wear a "conservative black one-piece," which started with my first reversible pink and black one. Now that it's just me, though, I might splurge this year on a crazy one! (Or this ADORABLE Team Betty one!)
Vacation suit: When I'm going on vacation and I know I might have time for some laps, I always pack an awesome Kovey Swell top and simple bottoms. I love the wave or currents prints, and I love that it stays in place whether I'm swimming or playing volleyball!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesday: Getting Over Burnout

I'm not going to lie, I spend too much time trolling through other blogs and reading race reviews for races I've already done, races I want to do, and to get great training tips. This week, I finally decided to link up with You Signed Up For WHAT?!The Cupcake Triathlete, and The TriGirl Chronicles for Tri Talk Tuesdays! 

Over the summer I definitely experienced a little running burnout. Any run over 3 miles seemed just painful, and I even started cutting short any track workouts I did. I was bored, it seemed painful, and, even though I had a goal in mind and did two races in June, it seemed pointless. The swimming and biking, though, were going great! Here's how I've been dealing with it:

  • Take a break: I cut out any "unnecessary" runs for a few weeks, and only had one short run a week with an optional run on my calendar for the weekends. I focused on speed, with some very short track sessions, and did them mostly so I'd maintain some semblance of a tan more than anything else. After just two weeks of short runs, though, I started pulling out of the funk.
  • Try something new: Maybe you just need a new perspective! I've been dying to try out Surfset classes, and add more yoga. While I didn't get around to more yoga (darn you, traffic!) replacing running with something I saw as more "fun" took my mind off the "guilt" of not running.
  • Focus on some other aspect of training: While I was HATING running, swimming was going great! I slowly added laps every week, mixed in different paces, and really felt like I improved. You could also focus more on eating healthier, trying new recipes, practicing transitions, or improving your bike mechanic skills.
  • Don't lose sight of your goals: I have two triathlons in August/September, so, as much as I didn't want to, I knew I couldn't cut out running entirely. One thing I knew I needed specifically was brick workouts. I did cut down the distance, maybe doing only a mile or two off the bike on weekends, but with the goals I had, this was just one thing I had to push through. 
Maybe training through a burnout is just one more mental hump to get you ready for race day. This is also where my Army-training "bounce, don't break" resiliency comes in, and I try not to let it ruin my outlook on the rest of my life at the time. A little bit of burnout isn't the end of the world; maybe it's just a sign that you need to shake things up a little bit. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some wedding pictures!

Oh, also.....I finally got all my wedding pictures back, and have been going through them to order albums for the family! Here's some of my favorites:

First Look at The Pearl Hotel in Point Loma

My favorite people

We wrote our own ceremony...and printed it off and put it in K's pocket

Obligatory first beer picture at Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens - Liberty Station