Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two weeks to go

Two weeks to go until the Half-Full triathlon!

This is the point where I think that maybe I didn't do quite enough training, maybe my long workouts weren't long enough. At this point, though, I'm ready to just get it over with!

My last few weeks have been focusing on speed rather than endurance, so they've all been 20 miles or shorter on the bike, and around 7-9 miles of running. All of the workouts this week felt great, the pace feels great, and I definitely feel fit.

My biggest worry is probably going to be the weather. It's been around 70 over the past week, which is a lot cooler than I'm used to. I heard that last year was cold the day of the race. I don't even know if I have proper layers for a cold race!

I also cleaned up my bike and made sure it's all ship shape. Here's hoping for another great race with no problems!

This week will be another week of shorter workouts, and then an easy taper next week. After that, it's a month of no guilt, yoga, and not eating whatever I want!

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