Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week in review

Due to the fact that I don't actually have anything to do while I wait for school to start, my training has been going quite well :D

Before classes actually start, I am focusing on getting my training volume up to where it should be to prepare for the Half-Full Tri in October, then through September focus on speedwork and shorter, higher-quality workouts once classes start. So, my week looked like this:

M: 1 hr of yoga, 1200y swim
T: 90 min bike, 1 mi run cool down, upper body circuit
W: off
R: 1200y swim, full body circuit
F: 60 min bike, lower body circuit
S: 5 mile run, core

So, plenty of time logged at my new gym! Since I do have so much time, I am getting better at making myself do some strength training, even after a long bike ride. I still feel that core is a weakness, however, so I should get on that more.

In addition to all that, due to the closest grocery store being Whole Foods, I've also been trying to eat clean(er)! Smoothie before working out, protein shake after, pb&j for lunch with salad, and hummus for a snack. Now if I can just find a compromise for dinner that includes ice cream and pasta.....

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