Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week in review: More distance, Crossfit, and Volunteering for IronGirl Columbia

This week actually seemed to go by pretty quickly. I continued with my distance-based training, and included two long bike rides and a group run. School starts tomorrow though, and I'm definitely ready for a real schedule again! Here's what my week looked like:

M: 30 minute row/full body circuit
T: 20 mile ride
W: upper body circuit/4.5 mile group run
R: 16 mile ride
F: 4 x 1 mile intervals and full body circuit
S: Crossfit WOD

On Saturday, I did a Crossfit WOD with the Team RWB chapter here in Baltimore, over at Crossfit Harbor East. The WOD was for groups of 3, and included 25 minutes AMRAP of 400m run, then the 3 partners splitting 16 wall balls, 14 dips, and 12 burpees. My team did 6 complete rounds, plus some more, as well as 10 tire flips. My legs were/are screaming!

Today, Sunday, I was planning on doing my last long run of 10 miles before tapering to get ready for RnR Virginia Beach in two weeks. I just spent six hours volunteering at Iron Girl Columbia, though, and I'm pretty pooped.

Since I wasn't able to sign up for Iron Girl Columbia in time (due to, you know, not knowing where I was going to live until a month out from moving), I decided to go ahead and volunteer. I always appreciate the awesome volunteers on courses I do, and now I really appreciate them!

I showed up this morning about 6am, 45 minutes before the first wave. For the first hour I was on transition zone duty, checking wristbands and trying to answer questions. Once the race started, I was stationed at Bike Out/Bike In, and spent literally 4 hours yelling at some awesome athletes about which way to go next. Also, yelling at other athletes to get off the course after they finish! Seriously, I know it's the most convenient way in and out of transition, but just because you're done doesn't mean the 2800 other athletes out here are done too. Get off the course.

If you haven't yet, I would highly recommend volunteering for a local race when you are in training or just can't race. It's incredibly inspiring to see everyone out there racing for their own reasons, and your support is much appreciated! I'm definitely going to be volunteering for more races this year, pretty much every that I don't have time to sign up for! 

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