Sunday, August 4, 2013

The In-Between Days: Paris to Rome

On Day 4 of our adventure, my friend and I woke up, checked out of our hostel, and headed to the train station. Our initial plan was to get tickets to the south of France, spend the evening admiring the water there, and then take a train from Nice to Milan to Rome the next day.

When we got to the train station, though, we found out all the trains from Paris to Marseilles or Nice were pretty much full until 6 that night. After weighing our options, we decided to spend another day in Paris, then take an overnight Thello train directly to Rome.

That meant another day in Paris!

We took the metro out towards Hotel de Ville, and wandered around for a little bit. We saw Village St-Paul, which used to be a convent but is now a bunch of little shops. Then we wandered over to Place des Vosges and saw Victor Hugo's house, now a museum.

We also stopped at Mariage Freres, the oldest tea shop in all of Paris. I picked out one delectable-smelling tea to send to Kevin, but they were all out! After some more shopping and a late-afternoon lunch of cheese and wine, we headed back towards the train station to pick up our bags and get on the train to Rome!

Since it was an overnight train, we got a bunk in a compartment. At first, we were in our own compartment, but then got moved to a different one with two other ladies, both from Hawaii! My friend and I both got top bunks, which I didn't mind too much since I was able to spread out all my junk on the luggage racks. I stayed up probably until about midnight reading, so I heard the announcement when we went through Switzerland. I am totally counting this as a country, even though I didn't get off the train! After some sleep, we woke up, and were in Italy! 

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