Saturday, August 3, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con International 2013!!!

In between Europe and moving to Baltimore, I went to Southern California for a week. Kevin of course got tickets for San Diego Comic Con, as we do every year, and I didn't want to disappoint him by not going, even though the thought of going by myself seemed rather boring. But who can pass up a week in SoCal with my best friend (and in-laws...) and the chance to stand in line for hours on end for the most epic week in every nerd's year?

So, I went. After some time in HB with my bestie, including a day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs (think a grown up water park...but no lazy river), I headed down to SD to stay with family. 

Leave it to me to make SDCC boring. The first thing I added to my schedule every day was Comic Book Law School, a series of panels on intellectual property law and how it applies to current creators. There was no line to get in, obviously. I went on Thursday and Friday, and then skipped out on Saturday's to stand in line elsewhere.

Next on my list of things to do was hit up the Her Universe booth every day! They were doing special t-shirts every day, so of course I got them. First day I just got the Padme shirt, which I've been waiting for. Friday was the most awesome Jaina shirt, and Saturday was Mara Jade. Definitely totally awesome. I love these shirts; they fit awesomelly (is that a word?) and I love the designs. Three of my favorite characters!  In the past, Her Universe has had limited edition charms, but none this year :( Boooo. The only one I don't have was the Naboo charm, which is the one I really, really wanted!! 

There wasn't really a line at this booth, but some of the booths with SDCC exclusives can get CRAZY!! I had a list of stuff that Kevin and some other friends wanted, but wasn't able to get much. Partly because I didn't like to stand in lines, and partly because they were sold out before I even got there!
The line systems are SDCC vary greatly. Most booths have only a small area they can hold a line, so you kind of have to wander around in the area until they announce that the line is actually open for whatever it is you want. Sometimes lines just appear out of nowhere, when a booth starts a giveaway for example. And some lines you need a wristband just to get into the line. It's crazy. So many lines!!!

Then of course, there are the lines for panels. Hall H and Ballroom 20 are the two most popular areas, so that's where the CRAZY lines are. People literally sleep overnight in these lines. But the panels they get into are the stuff SDCC dreams are made of.

I chose my line-standing time wisely. I did stand in line to get a voucher for a t-shirt. That line was actually about an hour and a half, BUT it was during what I had scheduled as down time anyway, AND I was in line right next to a wallplug, so I was able to charge my phone at the same time. Plus I had a new book in my bag. I also stood in line for about two hours to get into the How I Met Your Mother panel, which would have been AWESOME, but alas, I was still 20 people back when they closed the room. 

I did get into some good panels, though. Other than the Comic Book Law School ones, I did get to see Warehouse 13 for their last panel. I also went to some panels on women and body image (totally random) and marketing to "fangirls," moderated by the woman who owns Her Universe. 

Just wandering around the area and seeing everyone in their crazy costumes is pretty fun, though. Lots of time and creativity on display there.

The last day, I checked my final thing off my SDCC list: getting my picture taken with Zachary Levi!!! This has been on my list every year, but I always miss the Nerd HQ tweets that send out when he's doing pics. I totally lucked out this year, though, and just happened to be walking by Nerd HQ just when they announced a photo session. Score!
Yes, that is my new Jaina shirt I was wearing. And yes, this picture is now framed on my desk. I'm a grown up now, please, I'm not going to just pin it on a board somewhere!

So, there's my view of SDCC. It's fun, it's crazy, it's super crowded, and of course I'm glad I went. 

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