Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pre-outing snacking

I admit, I am a huge snacker. Since I tend not to eat large amounts at meals, I snack a lot in between. Sometimes this is ok, such as when I haven't been to the grocery store in a while and all that is available to snack on is carrots. When I'm all by myself, though, I tend to keep ice cream around, or sometimes even Cheetos, which make much better snacks. Of course, all this snacking doesn't make me hungrier at meals.

I have been trying to cut down on this by eating "mini meals" between my "real reals." That is, basically, treat snacks like a meal, and plan for them. If I plan on eating an apple and peanut butter at 3, just like I planned on having salad for lunch, I am less likely to go for the Cheetos.

Since I did actually write down my meal plan today, and mostly followed it, I decided that going out for trivia night tonight isn't going to ruin a good day! I'm sure I'll probably snack on some yummy bar food, but rather than eat dinner there, or eat dinner at home and be anti-socially refusing food, I made a mini-meal before leaving home. It's basically just a half version of what I was planning on eating: a quarter of an avocado, black beans, and about 2 oz. of grilled chicken breast.

Now I am decently not hungry at all, plenty of protein to keep me full so I can skip the wings, and nutritious enough. I'm so responsible....

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