Sunday, August 11, 2013

Packing for Europe

Packing for Europe coincided with not only a race weekend, Rev3 in Williamsburg, but also moving out of my house in Georgia. As a result, I tried to pack as little as possible, while knowing that what I packed would probably have to last three weeks or more before I could re-pack. As if that wasn't hard enough, I also had to keep my one backpack to to under 30 pounds.

Here's what I packed, minus my hot pink UnderArmour sweater:

- 1 x long sleeve black shirt (ok, it was the Rev3 finisher shirt, I loved it)
- 1 x white t shirt
- 3 x tank tops, one white, two in different shades of coral
- 1 x pair of jeans
- 1 x maxi dress
- 1 x running skirt
- 1 x navy blue sweater

I actually took the color scheme from the skirt, since it has pretty much all my favorite colors in it. Any of the shirts could go with it, as well as with the jeans. The blue sweater I layered with the tank tops, and also had a navy blue scarf that I could layer when it was that chilly. The maxi dress I wore on the train, in Rome, and hanging out in the terminal waiting to come home.

My favorite piece was actually the running skirt. This one is the Happy Girl skirt from Skirt Sports, and had shorts underneath it. I wore this in Rome with a tank top and flip flops. The pockets on the undershorts were great! I was able to tuck my metro pass and money in the pockets for easy access, for extra security, and it was also super comfy. The jeans would have been too hot for Rome during June, and the full coverage from the shorts was just the right amount of comfort.

In addition, I packed 14 pairs of underwear (old pairs that were on my throw away list; I just happened to throw them away in Europe), 2 sports bras, 2 regular bras in nude, 2 pairs of socks, and one bikini.

My hygiene kit was also minimal. I brought a large travel towel in a mesh bag, and 1 oz toiletries I stole from the hotels we stayed at along the way. Pretty much everything was travel sized so it would be easier to carry, and if I had to throw it out, no big loss!

I definitely felt that this was a perfect amount of clothes for two weeks, even without laundry facilities. Minimalist packing made it easy to pick out an outfit in the morning, and it was easy to carry! 

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