Friday, August 2, 2013

Europe: By the Numbers

Twelve Days.
Five Countries.
Three Trains.
One Bicycle.
One Mail Plane.
One Commercial Plane.
One Cargo Plane.
One Stretch Limo.
Five Museums.
Four UNESCO Heritage Sites.
Two Hostels.
Countless Macaroons.
Three Gelatos.
One Backpack.

So, that's my trip to Europe by the numbers. Sounds fun, doesn't it. I'll try to break it down a little bit more for you, what I packed, what I saw, and how I got there. First, though, let me introduce Oreo the Panda!

My little sister sent me Oreo when I was in Iraq, which started The Adventures of Oreo the Panda. His latest adventures were these, throughout Europe. Of the entire trip, I have literally two pictures of myself. Most of my pictures are of Oreo. It just seems better than getting an up-the-nose selfie in the middle of Paris.

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