Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adding in some strength training...

So, since I just joined a gym, I decided to take advantage of all the awesome trainers there to get some help adding some strength training to my running-biking-swimming-running training ideas. Since, you know, I'm in the Army, I know I'm not weak, but I don't really feel that heavy weight is a strength for me, no pun intended.

So, I asked one of the trainers to come up with some workouts that aren't too much but that I could add twice a week or so with my current training plan. I met with her this morning to go over the workouts, and she kicked my butt.

I know, in my mind, that doing things like plyometric exercises and planks are good, and help with form and endurance when running. Actually making myself do them is another matter. Which is why, when this new trainer told me to do lunges and pop up on one leg, and go back down, 15 times, I wanted to die. The squatting laterals and planks, I can do. The walking lunges with weights, ok, I've done that before. But seriously. Jump up from a lunge? I hate those.

So anyway,I have a whole new plan, a trainer who works at my gym who asks me how I'm doing, and some seriously burning legs. At least there's a Cheesecake Factory just a few blocks from my apartment.....

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