Sunday, July 28, 2013

Settling in....Baltimore

So I'm finally starting to settle in here in Baltimore. All my stuff is in my apartment, and I finally got to go on my first run here! I'm living in Inner Harbor area, and decided to go for a fun run to Fort McHenry, about 7 miles total. The route is pretty easy, I didn't get lost once, and there were sidewalks to whole way. There were even a few businesses that had water coolers out on the thoughtful! I carried my Fuelbelt Sprint handheld bottle, and filled it up a few times on the way. It was about 80 degrees out, but somewhat overcast, so it didn't feel too hot (especially knowing that it would about 98 in Georgia right now). I'm pretty excited to be here, and will definitely include this route a lot more in the future.

This week I also joined the MAC, a gym just a few blocks from my apartment. They have 3 pools, yoga and pilates studios, and a ton of classes. I'm definitely ready to jump into a new program now that I'm away from the Army's Physical Readiness Training program.

I'm definitely taking advantage of my free time now to up my mileage since I just registered for the Half-Full Triathlon in Columbia, MD, in October!! Not quite a 70.3 (the swim is only .9 rather than 1.2 miles) but I'm going to count it for my mid-distance tri this year. I'm pretty excited!!

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