Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rev3 Williamsburg: photos!

I'm back! I haven't written for the past two weeks because I've been in Europe! So many adventures. Right now, though, I'm back, and in the process of moving to Baltimore. While I take a breather, here are some pics from Rev3 Williamsburg:

 This is me coming out of the I look absolutely relieved that it was over? It ended up being something like a 48 minute swim....ridiculous.

 Almost the last one out of bike transition! You can see all the swim to bike bags all over; everything we took off in T1 had t be put in a bag, and they were moved back to the finish line for pickup. Because of traffic, though, the bags weren't delivered until almost 2pm.

Running into the finishing chute! This torturous course had us run PAST the finish line, down a hill, back up the hill, and THEN into the finish line. I felt really bad for the Halfers who had to do that TWICE!

At the end, I just wanted to stop. But what do they do? They have a gaggle of volunteers in your face throwing things at you. They give you a medal, an ice towel that kept falling off, a water AND a gatorade, a finisher's t shirt...and then you're supposed to get in line for food. Where was I supposed to put all that crap?! Also, the shirt they gave me at the finish line was a medium, not small, so it's kind of big. Not a big enough deal to request a small. Also, it was long sleeved....weird for a summer race. Thankfully I had a friend waiting for me (hence this awesome picture) to take all my stuff so I could drink something and get some food.

And, the piece de resistance:
I'd seen the Rev3 medals before, and thought they were obnoxiously large. I was right. They are obnoxious. But gorgeous. Not as heavy as the obnoxious Disney ones, but still, huge.

So, there you have it. Overall, it was really well set up and organized, and a great experience. I look forward to maybe doing it again next year, but this time, more prepared for the awful swim.

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