Friday, July 26, 2013

In transit....

Wow. So I haven't been on here in a few weeks. What a crazy whirlwind life has been. Where have I been?

Well, immediately after Rev3 Williamsburg, I spent two weeks in Europe. Then I spent a few more days in Georgia cleaning out my house. I drove to Richmond then on to Baltimore, signed the lease for my amazing new apartment, flew to California, attended San Diego Comic Con, flew straight back to Baltimore, attempted to move into my amazing new apartment, was accepted to the University of Maryland School of Law, and am now trying to unpack the boxes taking up every inch of my amazing new apartment. I still am not entirely sure what time zone I'm in.

What an adventure. Needless to say. my training has kind of fallen to the side for right now. My next big race will be Rock n' Roll Virginia Beach during Labor Day weekend, and I don't know what will follow that. I am volunteering for the Marine Corps Marathon, running the Army Ten Miler, highly tempted to run an event in the Baltimore Running Festival, and visiting NYC to cheer on a friend who will be running the NYC marathon. Right now my plans for a half-ironman have fallen to the side, but once I unpack my poor bike, I'm sure my feelings will change.

Meanwhile, I am typing madly away at posts about all these adventures, which will be up soon, whenever I can find some internet!

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