Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll San Diego: Expo

Finally! Saturday afternoon, Kevin, Katherine, and I headed downtown for the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego race expo at the San Diego Convention Center. We cruised around for a little bit looking for parking, rather than just pay the $10 at the convention center, and ended up walking maybe three or four blocks. The SDCC is absolutely HUGE (though it doesn't seem that big when filled with people at Comic Con), and this expo took up two of the halls.

Walking in, the first section that was enclosed was runner check in. Waivers with your bib number were sent out prior to, and I printed ours off and brought them with us. Check in was broken down by bib number, with about 1,000 numbers per table, and 30+ tables. You just had to turn in your waiver with photo ID, and they gave you your bib with timing chip attached, an envelope with pins and a zip tie in it, and, for the relay runners, their "baton," or drum stick. It went fast, and we met back up to head in.

The next area was t-shirt pickup and swag bags. The shirts were Brooks technical running shirts in either women's cut or unisex. You could only pick up the size listed on your registration, but exchanges would be available on race day if you wanted. Before heading into the main expo area, volunteers were handing out the swag bags. I should have checked the contents of the bag, but since it was a drawstring bag, I just threw it on and headed in. Oddly enough, our bags did not include the Event Guide, so I didn't pick one up during the expo. Again, should have checked!

 The first stop in the expo was, of course, the Rock n Roll Gear Shop. Kevin of course wanted a shot glass, so we got one of those. They also had little magnets that looked like the finishers medals, which was pretty cool.

My favourite bit of swag, though, was the charm! After leaving the RnR/Brooks/Moving Comfort store area, there was a little display case with all the new Rock N Roll Jewelry! There were two charm options, a race bib or tour stop, but the tour stop charms for San Diego were already sold out. I of course am a sucker for charms, and got the San Diego race bib. Now I can't wait to run RnR Virginia Beach!!!

Other highlights of the expo: Meb was signing autographs at the Powerbar booth! They were also handing out free samples of the powerbar babyfood, er, performance energy blends. I guess they're good on the go? Jamba Juice also had a huge booth, with samples! They also were giving out pace tattoos, which are great! I picked up several for both full and half marathon training. Having a little Jamba Juice logo on my arm will definitely help keep me on pace. They also had a spinning wheel, and I won a Jamba Juice water bottle! And they had 13.1 and 26.2 stickers! I stopped at the Divas series booth to see if they had discount codes, but they were only discounting if you registered the day of. Boo. I did sign up for a discount code from Run Disney, so hopefully they'll have a good deal for the Glass Slipper Challenge, since registration opens NEXT WEEK! I got some more sweatybands, since the one I know I packed somehow got lost between Atlanta and San Diego.

I wish I could have stayed at the expo longer, just browsing, but alas, I was stingy and didn't have enough quarters for the parking meter downtown. We had some errands to run and a birthday party to get to, though, so we were off!

With a 6:45am start time, I was hoping to be in bed by midnight, but after the birthday party turning into birthday drinks at Polite Provisions, followed by frantic deciding what we should wear and who should check a bag and did you put the right timing tag on your shoe and are we decorating the relay baton, all three of us ended up going to bed closer to 2:30, with our alarms set for 4:30. Great.

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