Monday, June 24, 2013

Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic triathlon: race recap

I'm currently in the USO lounge at BWI waiting for a space-a flight, for a whole other adventure, but I'll try to get in a quick recap of my race yesterday. I completed the Olympic distance at Rev3 in Williamsburg, VA.

My friend D and I drove up to Williamsburg on Saturday morning, and got in around 3:30. We headed straight to the expo, and picked up my packet. It included my bib, bike stickers, stickers for the dry clothes bag and swim to bike bag, race number tattoos, swim cap, wrist band, timing chip and strap, and a blue Rev3 visor. We attended the race brief, with all the usual rules and course information, found my spot in the bike to run transition area, then headed down to the swim to bike area to check in my bike.

The drive to the first transition area was crowded and took about 15 minutes. I dropped my bike in my numbered spot, then walked down to the beach to look at the water. It really didnt look that bad.

After a team dinner with Team RWB, D and I crashed by 9pm at the super sketchy Super 8motel. The only good thing about this was how close it was to the start/finish area. We woke up at 4:30 and headed over by 5. Of course we got lost on the way and ended up walking an ended up going an extra half mile, in the rain, but got there in plenty of time to set up for transition 2. And then stand in line for 20 minutes for the buses to T1. By tghe time we got to the front of the line, they started front loading everyone who was doing tghe half, since their swim start was abiut 20 minutes away. We finally got down there though, checked my wet bike, set up T1, and headed to the beach to pull on my wetsuit.

My swim wave started right on time, and I was so busy walking around watching the first few waves and petting dogs that I almost missed the announcement for my wave. No time cor nerves! If I had known how the swim would go, I would have been considerably more scared.

The swim start was pretty good. It was so shallow we were able to walk almost 200 meters if you wanted to. After that, though, it got rough. It was raining at the beginning of the day, and the currents were sporadic. The first couple hundred meters were mostly me trying to get a rhythm, but after the first turn, I felt like I was swimming in one of those endless pools. No matter what I did, crawl, backstroke, breast stroke, the next buoy never got closer. To make matters worse, my calf cramped up something terrible, leaving me to crawl with my foot flexed trying to stretch it out without going backwards. At one point I did catch a current for maybe 75 meters, and took advantage to backstroke and calm down. The lifeguards were pretty far between, and I usually try not to grab on to them, but this time I had to just to stretch out. I got to the final turn, and just focused on the finish. I walked the last 100 meters or so, and I just knew the hard part was over. I wasn't dead last, there was someone in my wave right behind me, and obviously I didn't meet my goal of a 30 minute swim, but oh well.

The rest did seem pretty easy. The bike was rolling with great momentum. What goes down must go up seemed to be a theme. I took two gels, and, Except for a short moment, felt great.

The run course was also pretty great. There was one big hill, and very narrow, But not bad at all. My stomach did a good imitation of the water earlier, though, and I had to stop a few times to keep from throwing up. I finally finished though, And it felt great!

This post will definitely be updated later, with pictures, But for now, I have to run!

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